I have, from time to time, questioned my belief that we can be friends here.  You and me, here.  But still, I kind of think we can.  It’s not the same as sharing a latte in person, but it is something.  When I type, I feel like I am talking with you, I get excited about you and your journey, I laugh out loud when I type something funny and I feel like I can hear you laughing too……perhaps I’m going too far now! Onward.

I’m Abi and I try to be honest.  Honesty done right is a breath of fresh air, isn’t it?  My favorite people are the ones who somehow speak honestly…and it’s not a bummer.  Do you know what I mean?!?!  I can’t resist honest people who are also hungry for truth.  Truth sets us free…truth doesn’t let us camp in the funk for too long.  And the people who are able to speak transparently and with honesty and still land in truth… well, I want to run with them.

I love the moments in life that un-stick you and lift your eyes enough to move you forward.

My favorite people to read are either really serious or really funny.  I am not consistently really funny and oh how I wish I was!  But I do crack myself up from time to time when I’m writing…and again…that’s something right?!

My husband is Zion….like Lion…not Zi-ON.  He is a champion, the one who makes me laugh, a person who speaks bravery into me, a man I respect and the guy I have loved since nearly the first night we were around each other as BABIES….17 and 18 years old!  We have two little boys and they are a joy to know and love.

You know that thing you do that makes you feel like you’re really clicking along?  Maybe you get to do it everyday.  Maybe it’s something you get to do every once in a while.  Maybe it only lives in your dreams.  The combination of knowing Jesus, living life with my three men and being right here with you…grabbing onto the pieces of truth that move us from stuck to foward going again…that’s my thing.

So yes, let’s be friends!