Souls, Words and A Second Attempt at Sleep

Sometimes my soul feels like it has arms.  Lots and lots of arms and they are all flailing around inside of me. They are jittering with a restless movement.  It always starts like this for me.  The movement always comes before the words.  I can sense the presence of the words but they are still locked up.  Sometimes they trickle out in little streams but I know the floodgates of articulation haven’t opened yet.  I mess with the streams…trying them out as I walk the route in my neighborhood again and again throughout the week.

Sometimes I feel as if you and I are Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. In fact, if anyone ever tries to force me to describe my writing style, I’m going with “It’s very ‘You’ve Got Mail’ email style.”  We are each other’s person on the other side of the screen.  Write me back because it will complete the picture.

Are you waiting on words?  Or are you armed and loaded, ready to nail it?  I am an ongoing cycle of word release and then back into the quiet processing.  So tonight, as I go back and attempt sleep again, I’m connecting with Him and letting my soul settle.  The words always come when it’s time.  Just like a baby comes when it’s ready to come.  So we remind ourselves that right now is good. He’s in the right now.  He’s okay with the right now.   Perhaps He’s even okay with the odd picture of a soul with lots and lots of arms (a little creepy in retrospect).

Sleep tight, person on the other side of the screen.

Honest Abi

(It’s late.  That studio picture is most definitely not what I look like right now.  But – it’s late.)

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  1. I loved this one a lot. Your words sliding into my inbox are always a treat.

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