I’m not sure which city you’re sitting in as you clicked the link to read today….but this Friday in Tulsa is that perfect kind of weather.  That is, if you like sunshine, short sleeves, and blue skies.  Ha!  If Seattle is your vibe, then you probably wouldn’t use the word perfect!  Ahhhhhh perfection is in the eye of the beholder.
I’m going to be straight up with you: I have nothing meaty to write today.  No insights to share.  No deep ponderings to present.  Just my thoughts and goings about on this Friday.  Now for myself, the uber nosy person who actually does enjoy looking at paparazzi pictures because I love seeing glimpses into people’s lives, this sort of post would be a totally legit way to spend my time!  But if you’re looking for something that will make you better because you read it, keep on a lookin’ my friend.  But don’t really because I’d love your company for a few minutes.

So here’s my Friday so far:

Sunshine makes me want to be in a coffee shop.  Of course, most any kind of weather makes me want to be in a coffee shop – right?!  Starting when Liam was a few months old, we enjoyed taking him to coffee shops with us.  I mean, if you start them young it will stick, I’m thinking.  Liam is three and a half (actually 3.75 if we’re being technical) and Shep is seven months.  Gotta get Shep in the groove.  Within an hour of being up and around this morning – I knew that the coffee shop was calling our names.  Ran the idea by Liam, got a hearty yes, and the plans started churning.

We put Shepherd down for his early nap and Liam and I went to work getting dressed and cleaning up the playroom.  Other than prepare meals and take care of little men, I clean.  I am constantly striving to become better at cleaning.  I can’t keep at it all of the time but mercy, it makes us all feel better when things are mostly put away.  Liam is becoming a great picker upper!  So while I wrangled my third day hair into a ponytail, he picked up all of his cars in the play room.  The cars had made their way into every square foot of  the room so I was impressed with his thoroughness!

Speaking of third day hair…. I am genuinely concerned as to what will happen to my hair if we ever have a third child.  Since welcoming Shepherd, I now go longer than ever before between washes.  Very mixed feelings about this!  On the one hand, it’s so liberating!  On the other hand, when I feel clean and put together, I just seem to have better days.  Hmmmmm…. I guess that’s one deep pondering that squeezed its way in to today’s musings!  Let’s check back on this topic when Shep turns one and see if I’m washing more frequently or sticking to the same routine.

We got the play room whipped into shape, I got fully dressed (accomplishment!), Liam got dressed, we got Shepherd nursed (actually only I got Shep nursed) and into the car we went to, DoubleShot bound.  Liam likes to say we are going to ‘vroom’ somewhere.  So we vroomed to the coffee shop.  The Lord heard my prayer as we drove and, lo and behold, there was a couch open and waiting for us.  We decided to bring books with us today and a couch was what we needed to spread out and get comfortable.  I’m telling you, it was just one of those delightful experiences.  Some days with little people are challenging from the moment growing feet hit the floor, and other days brim with delight.  So we soak up the days of delight!

Shep worked Sophie the Giraffe over with fervor and Liam and I talked and ate and drank and read.

After Shepherd started tuning up and beckoning us to make a speedy exit, lest we make quite the scene, we piled back into the car.  Which is where Liam donned his glasses and became, what I like to call, Little White Boy Pitbull.  You see it, right?  

We got home and my house still needs attention.  But if cleaning was my top priority every single day, I would never have friends, spend time with the Lord, write, play with my boys, or continue falling in love with my husband.  So, instead of continuing my tidying endeavors at the moment….I’m chatting with you and thinking about throw pillows while Shepherd naps and Liam has room time.

A few things: One – why are throw pillows so expensive?  Two – why can’t I like the cheaper ones?  Three – it is quite the design feat to mix/match patterns.  I don’t like matchy matchy and I want to bring more variety in, but I feel like you can go way right or way wrong with the eclectic approach.

So here’s the throw pillow that I have and am working around….we call these the talking chairs:

And these are pictures I took at Pottery Barn….I have decided that I just don’t like other throw pillows and will figure out how to save my pennies to make these throw pillows reality.

We have a (large) dark brown leather couch that the pillows will go on.  So the bottom pic really should have been taken on dark brown background.  Ah well, I was 66% effective.

PLEASE pardon the blogger challenged picture alignment below.  I don’t even know.

Seriously, the alignment drives me craaaaazy.

But here are my thoughts:  I love the blue pillows.  But, if I go blue it will be the first place in my house that I’m accentuating blue other than our master bedroom.  And that means I need to pull it in a little more elsewhere.  And that means spending more money.  In addition, I really love the chevron print in the bottom two pics but the print is a little cutesy and I want something that’s a little more eclectic.  Which leads me to really liking the combo in the top picture.  It’s still a chevron but it’s not a cream background so it doesn’t pop as much and the black looks kind of like zebra print.  And I like it even better in person than in the picture.  Follow me?  No?  Wondering why in the world you are spending your time reading these thoughts? Well I’m wondering why in the world I just spent time typing all of this, so you’re in good company.  Thinking I’m on the totally wrong track?!…..please save me from total mental collapse and keep that opinion to yourself!  LOL.  The mommy brain can be a fragile place…..

Having said all of that, my friend I sincerely hope you’ve had a good week.  I hope that your weekend is full of grace, peace, joy and adventure.  I hope that you and me both press into the grace to choose for our weekends to be full of grace, peace, joy and adventure.

Happy weekending y’all!

Much love,