Well shoot.  Shoot.  I just wrapped up a middle of the night feeding with my Shepherd and I could be sleeping.  Four hours is enough sleep though, right?!  Who needs more than four?!

It all could have gone like clockwork if I hadn’t seen her post on Facebook while nursing.  Do you follow Jen Hatmaker?  If not, do yourself a solid and get on it.  She’s hilarious, real, and challenging.  This is what she posted that caught my attention:

Had some of my faves over last night. We call it “Porch Night” even if we were inside because it was too cold: 60 degrees. (Don’t hate. We have sensitive Texas constitutions.)

We celebrated Jami who just finished her first semester of nursing school LIKE A BOSS. Straight A’s while still parenting three young kids. She had to make her own celebratory orange-ginger cheesecake because none of us can out-dessert her (you may recall she drove to my house and staged a toffee intervention once). I provided champagne. We all have our gifts.

My mom is on the right, and she went back to college when her four kids were in high school, middle school, and elementary. Amy on the left just started a new job while also homeschooling her FOUR BOYS. I wrote my first book when my kids were 1, 3, and 5 like some lunatic.

I just love when women chase down a new dream right in the middle of living their lives. It feels so courageous and gutsy. Sometimes a “not yet” turns into “never” if it sits around waiting too long. Rarely is “right now” easy or convenient, but sometimes you just decide to put your head down and GO FOR IT.

You got a dream simmering? Are you waiting around for “someday”? Maybe that someday should be now. Women are capable of so much. I bet you would surprise yourself.

To all the girls who are wives and moms, I am certainly not saying that being a wife or a mom is the easy road.  Nor is it lacking in calling and destiny!  And focusing on those two callings may be exactly/precisely/perfectly what you are called to do right now – and nothing more.  But….. if there is something stirring inside of you that is outside of those two boxes, maybe it’s not intended for ten years down the road.  Maybe.  And maybe not.  It may be that ten years down the road is right on time.  

But man alive, reading Jen’s words made something inside of me resonate.  And thus, I’m blogging at 4 AM.  Makes perfect sense really!  LOL. Wow though – women can do hard things.  If there’s grace.  If He’s calling you out on the waters.  If there’s a yes inside of you that’s aching to become a small step forward.  

You, my friend, can do hard things.  

You were made for an adventure.  You were made to be stretched.  You were made to be alive.  You were made to change the atmosphere around you – whether that atmosphere is your home, your office or some crazy mix of the two.  

I had a mom that I really respect recently comment to me in person about my blogging.  She is a mom of many more humans than two and she had read one of my recent posts.  She was asking me how I was doing in the adjustment to two and mentioning that she had read the blog about my desire to get back on board with the weekly blogging.  (Ahem.  That didn’t happen last week.  One step at a time!)  She looked at me and smiled and said “Abi…..”  There wasn’t a lot more than that but it carried a warning.  Don’t push yourself too hard right now.  Don’t put more demand on yourself than is healthy.  All from a place of love.  Sincerely!  I appreciate her so much and continue to glean mentoring from her by just watching how she raises great kids.  But, you know, women can do hard things.  We can’t do all the hard things at one time.  Sometimes blogging does feel hard.  Sometimes I feel crazy for clicking away.  For making time to do that.  For pushing myself to connect more deeply with what’s inside of me that can come up and out.  And, FOR THE LOVE, for doing so at 4 AM!!!!!!!!!!

But, it’s my thing of obedience.  It’s my thing, girl, and it does really thrill my heart.  Because it’s a step.  It’s a step towards something that is deep inside of me.  It pushes me!  I may not have the bandwidth to sit down and start writing that book but I can push in this incremental way.  

You have a thing.  I promise you.  Please don’t feel guilt if you don’t know what that thing is.  And if now is not the season for you to even take a step towards it, own that.  Allow peace, contentment and trust to be your’s if you’re reading these words but know that you know you’re right where you’re supposed to be and not taking those steps forward is obedience.  But, if something is stirring and you can’t shake it………take a step.

And now, I’m going back to sleep.  If I hit the sack right now, I can get in another hour and a half.  Livin’ the dream!  

I’m inspired by you.  I’m challenged.  And I’m all stirred up.  Thanks a lot Jen Hatmaker :).

Love y’all,

P.S.  And duh, men can do hard things too.  I speak to a woman’s perspective but I is one :).