Heeeeeey! Word from a tired person on a wild Saturday night! It’s 8:16pm. Blog Friday has become my Saturday night endeavor and I’m once again trying to prop the eyelids open as I blog. Livin’ the dream! But really…I am :).

On a totally unrelated note (which may happen a lot in this post because I’m tired) – my writing partner tonight is Jimmy Fallon. I just really really appreciate him in my life. Z and I were talking the other day and determined that JF is actually an integral part of our life. He’s the one show we watch together consistently. Let’s be honest – sometimes I get my news through him…not proud of it but I’m a tired new mom. Jimmy Jimmy. You’re truly hilarious and you make me LOL – literally. And now he’s helping me write. What a pal, as he would say.

Last week, I mentioned that I have been pondering ‘pressing into God’ recently. It seems like that concept of pressing has been on my heart over the course of this year. Sometimes my brain is funny. This time, it’s like the phrase runs over and over in my mind and I just hear the words. It’s one of those phrases so familiar in Christian culture that I don’t even think about it much when I hear it. And then it hits me, ‘wait – what does that even mean???’ ‘What does God want me to get from that phrase?’ And then we have to be honest about phrases we’ve heard forever and say….’Where is it in the Word of God?’ And so this concept of pressing in has been that thing that’s been messing with me. I don’t think I’ve got anything to share that is going to rock your world, but I do hope your heart finds itself encouraged as you read.

Out of all of my pondering, there is one thing that keeps standing out. And it’s this simple truth I think lines up with the heart of God:

Abi, you cannot press into me more than I am pursuing you. You cannot out-effort me. You cannot one up me. This IS NOT one sided. In fact, you may think you’re initiating with me but the big truth is that I initiate absolutely everything first. I’m first. Always. I loved you first. I knew you first. So don’t get all worked up into striving when you hear the phrase ‘press in.’ Don’t work up a sweat. Pressing in is a simple response to the truth that I am pursuing you before you even wake in the morning.

I’m not trying to present theology or that these are the words of God that I heard audibly. Just what has been stirring inside of me.

Pressing into Him is not about knocking down the door of a God who would rather not be bothered. It’s not about working hard to get His attention.

It IS about saying, ‘No matter what today, I will press past distraction. I will decide to respond to the one who is already pursuing me. I will listen without fear of silence. I will quiet my soul to know that you are God and you are here.’

Pressing in is a response, not our initiation towards Him. That kind of changes things for me.

Thank you for graciously reading my tired thoughts tonight. I have a feeling I’ll come back to this post when my brain, eyes, heart and soul are more fresh. But it just felt important to move forward with what I could tonight.

Goodnight my friend…hope your weekending has been wonderful so far,