Well, my friends. Let’s pretend we’re having coffee together once more. I wish I could have a coffee date every day of the week – don’t you?? I love everything about coffee dates – good conversations, cozy coffee shops, the rich smell of beans as they grind, the sound of steam pushing out of the espresso maker. Love it all.

Happy New Year!

I wonder how your 2014 has rolled out in these first ten days?! Mine has been surprising. Surprising. Good surprising but wild-ride-ish, too.

There is something about January that is sacred. It’s a beautiful thing to have a fresh start and to sense a re-invigorated energy for purpose and vision.

The direction I’ve feel like is paramount for this year is “I want to choose do the important things over the good things.”

Something tells me most anyone could relate to that. How full our lives can become with truly good things. With commitments that are meaningful to others and meaningful to ourselves! But what if we took a mini step back and breathed for a moment to say – “Now. Let’s see what is important for me to do this year. Show me what is good but not important as I approach 2014.”

Let me tell you right now, there are important things for you to do and lean in to this year. Take it to the bank. But there are countless good things that are not bad at all. In fact, they may be in the highly important category for someone else. But for you, good can suck up all of your energy so that when the important thing presents itself…there’s nothing left to give.

Important isn’t always big. It may be small and quiet, as a matter of fact. And your important may look confusing to someone else. But I think it will be worth it to choose the important over the good – in the end.

So onward 2014 Soldier! On to an important year! May you have the grace to see clearly and forgive yourself when you miss it a little (because no one gets it perfect).

Much love y’all and happy weekending!