Let’s Go To Paris

Seriously. Let’s go.

My house is in what I will lovingly refer to as ‘recovery’ from a truly wonderful Christmas and New Year. It’s going to take me days to see it in to full recovery – so why not take a moment and go to Paris before I get back to it?

I have been to Paris once and it was three and a half years ago. I was skinnier. I wasn’t a mama yet. And it absolutely swept me off my ever lovin hurtin feet. We got to do some traveling that I cherish before we had Liam. That’s kind of where we spent our money instead of on nice cars or nicer than Gap clothing :). We WILL return to traveling before long – I’m thinking even with littles underfoot it would be worth it. Anywho, Paris sounds romantic but it took me off guard. The first few days were spent trying to acclimate to a new city that seemingly spread out with no end. But a few croissants later, I was hooked.

My mom tells a story of going to Paris on a high school trip and staying in a convent with nuns. Their breakfast each morning was french bread, butter and hot chocolate. Now listen – that’s enough to make anyone fall in love and it’s not far off from what I ate every single day I was there.

This afternoon, I craved Paris. So let’s go! Here are some of my favorite memories from our trip a few years ago:

Our delightful bed and breakfast – check out La Villa Paris if you need a great place and a great price.

Our first adventure out – to the Marais – where we started to fall in love with the city:

The first of many risotto dishes we savored:

Notre Dame!

The back of Notre Dame with the gardens:

Are you surprised we tracked down espresso???

And check out that blue cheese. A few lunches consisted of blue cheese and French bread for me – happiness.

Shakespeare and Company bookstore! A treasure trove:

Let the love affair with French pastries begin:

After our first fun dinner in Paris in the Rue Cler:

One of my very favorite pictures of my husband, for reasons I can’t put words to:


He loves sculpture. Happy camper at Rodin’s home/museum:

Let the love affair with French pastries continue:

So beautiful at night:

The Louvre. I crave a return visit.

Winged Victory, my favorite piece of art:

One of my favorite us pictures.




Strolling the Seine.

Last evening in Paris, savoring the glow of Ile Saint Louis.

Wish I could make out in Paris with him RIGHT NOW!

I think this post was entirely self-indulgent LOL! I hope you got a little getaway too but if you didn’t – thanks for baring with mine for a few moments! Now, back to the bedroom and piles of clothes. And back to that commitment to be in fighting shape for our tenth anniversary in 2015. I am hopeful that I will have had another baby by then and I will be ready to be SKINNY again. Praises.

Happy weekending y’all,

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  1. this makes me miss you abi!!

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