A Summer Night’s Stream of Consciousness

I feel it coming on. Strong. The random flow of consciousness that will be my thoughts about all things anything in this post.

When you don’t have something earth shattering to share – best to keep it real, right?

I just took a walk at 8:30 at night. It felt like someone had placed a hot and heavy blanket of humidity on me….so I kept my pace at a crawl. And I still sweat!

That hot weather? It made me crave hot chicken noodle soup. Something’s not right! But I ate it with sourdough bread and a little budda and I am so happy that I did. Makes me want to make tortilla soup next week, ha! Surely not.

Did I watch as much coverage of the new prince as I could? Did I read as many articles as I could about his arrival? Why yes I did. There is nothing as sacred as bringing a new life into the world – and there’s something about the sanctity ascribed to a new royal life that reminds me of just how precious every single new life is. It’s almost as if you’re watching the pictures of the pomp and circumstance for this precious new royal and something inside of you is saying ‘Yes! That is exactly how it felt when our child was born!’ We may not have had a screaming crowd and a gilded gold framed announcement of his birth – but that’s how it felt. There is a royalty attached to the youngest bundle that is beyond words.

Today was a good day because I told my house who was in charge. For the past two weeks I have been helping my family out and I’ve been out of the house on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. My house mistakenly took my absence to mean that it could rule me. Well party’s over sucker! I have not fully regained dominion (not sure that ever actually happens) but I got my kick booty attitude on today and hit it hard. Take that kitchen. I own you. This is the self talk I keep going when trying to muster up the courage to attack on days when I’m feeling beaten by my house :).

Today before Zion left for work he graciously cooperated with me needing to hear him say that he didn’t think he had the hard job and I had the easy job. It’s not true at all and it’s not what he thinks – but I needed to hear it. Thankful for his graciousness.

You know what – we purchased season one of Newsroom. LOVE IT. A liberal use of the f-word gets old fast but oh man – the writing, acting, everything is so good.

Tonight I also wrote two recommendations for girls getting ready to go through recruitment at OU. It makes me so nostalgic! Oh college days. I wouldn’t trade where I am now for where I was then – but I am so thankful for what I had. I met my dearest friends, ate countless numbers of Papa John’s pizza after football games in the Gamma Phi great room, enjoyed one of the most beautiful campuses, encountered some truly great professors (and some not so great of course!), gave who knows how much money to Classic 50s (cherry vanilla coke mmmmmmm), learned the game of football (mostly), made so many precious memories with my now husband and my brother, and discovered God at new depths. Glorious. I only hope that these girls have half the experience that I did.

Do you know who I love like crazy? Liam Spencer. I have a nearly two year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This boy is on a role and he is male male male. His newest love is jumping. And falling. On purpose. ‘Uh oh, I fall down!’ And repeat. He’s way too cute. I’m gearing up for my two year old Liam post…..and it will be a saga. Long and delicious.

God has been graciously growing me recently. I can connect that to so many things in my life but mostly, I am just so thankful that He cares so much about me and where He wants me that He keeps prodding me. He keeps giving me grace. He keeps reminding me of the steps to take. He keeps meeting me when I take the steps. He keeps helping me literally change the ugly about me and that is beautiful.

The ‘So Long Insecurity’ book club is going to happen! Tentative start date is August 15. It will be Thursday nights at 8:00 pm (coffee provided), at my house. Once that’s a final date I will send out official information. If you’re interested – I’d recommend you go ahead and get the book. We will only meet five times in order to make it a short term commitment, so we may try to cram in as much as we can each time. Reading now will not be something you regret! If you’re interested – shoot me a message on fb or send me an email or text or anything. I really think something good is going to come of this! (Just did a quick look on Amazon to see that it’s nearly $18 there….I think Mardel may have it for less).

I have been using Mondays to pray for Zion. Amazed at how powerful those times have been and the fruit that is coming from it. Duh.

Well, I’m off! I wish I could hear your stream of consciousness about now! I love a good back and forth in conversation. 🙂

Lots of love,

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  1. I SO wish I could be a party of your book club! Too bad I'm still at work! 🙂

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