There are those moments that you wish could last forever. On Saturday we went to Philbrook as a family with Caleb, Chloe and Isaiah. It was one of those days…family fun, gorgeous weather and little boys running themselves silly. Every time I go, I am reminded of how blessed Tulsa is to have Philbrook. We weren’t quite ready to partake in the art projects included in Second Saturday (free admission and kids activities every second Saturday of the month). But we had so much fun and here is the greatness that ensued….

Boys being galloped down the slope by adventuring daddies:

You have to click this one to check out Isaiah’s sheer joy at the adventure:

Have I ever mentioned that Zion has a mini-me?

Boys and sticks. Serious excitement!

Isaiah: “Just trust me Liam. Run towards that thing as fast as you can.”

See that smile on Liam? He just bopped Isaiah on the head with his stick.

There’s just something about a little hand in a big hand.

Post-fountain play equals a drenched shirt but a happy boy.

Even as I look back at these pictures, I remember a moment that felt pretty near perfect. Blogs, social media, etc. often allow us the opportunity to show people only what we want them to know or perceive of us. I like to keep things real but it seems important to celebrate beauty just as much as we embrace honesty. Otherwise, we’re just slugging through a sea of negativity under the guise of ‘transparency.’ This was a day that I wanted to freeze in time because it was drenched in sweetness and beautiful memories in the making. Finding the beauty is just as important as letting people see truth in us isn’t it?

May you see the simple beauty today and soak it up!

Lots of love,