The Joy of a Boy

Before having a little boy – I had no way to understand some of the precious experiences that come along with having a son. As a girl it’s easier to picture fun girly moments with a daughter I think. But the sweetness of knowing Liam and raising a boy grows by the month.

For example, Thursday mornings are now a highly anticipated point of our week. Because Thursday mornings are trash truck mornings. It’s big. BIG.

It just doesn’t get any better than this sweet face and experiencing the drash druck together.

First – we hear the truck rumbling down the street. We watch ardently until it comes into sight. Please forgive the very dirty windows…they are his domain these days. 🙂

Last second change of seats so that he could see better.

There it is!!!!

Hello trash truck guys!


And then, it happened. God smiled on him because just as the trash truck pulls away – here comes a BUS!!! Only his single favorite vehicle to date!

“Go? Go?” he asks….

And more asking of where the bus went…

This is the face of a truly happy boy. So precious in my eyes.

Ahhhh a happy heart does us good doesn’t it? Sometimes we have to decide to quiet ourselves long enough to be able to find the simplest of joys. Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh, Abi, this is SOOO precious!!! I love that you captured each moment. I love these pictures, his sweet little face and his hat!!! I don't know that it gets cuter than this. 🙂

  2. Abi, I am expecting a baby boy this August and I truly love reading about your adventures with Liam!

  3. How sweet!! 🙂

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