Hi it’s me. I still blog. And here’s my life in i-phone pictures.

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tell myself that I will get better at consistency with blogging. Ha! Needless to say, it’s been too long. I just console myself by saying ‘Hey – at least you got back on the horse!’

There’s actually a lot on my heart for my little blog but tonight, I think a broad update is in order. A little of this and a little of that.

Life has been full, good, interesting, fun, entertaining and did I mention full? My brain finds it easiest to move through things categorically when I’m trying to limit blabbering on so let’s start off with a complicated one: My life as a _____________. Still don’t have the right words for ‘stay at home mom!’ šŸ™‚

Life in this department is becoming more fluid. I feel a lot less lost in terms of what my days are supposed to look like. There’s a good ebb and flow between working the list and building relationships and rolling around on the floor laughing with Liam. I’m finding purpose in my days and peace in my heart that God’s plan for my life is going to be full of variety. This is a big and important season of my life. I don’t want to miss it trying to figure out what the next season will look like. There are moments when I still feel the brunt of transition but that’s happening less and less.

My life as a mom:

Liam is such a fun little person these days. He’s looking more and more like a little boy and after he got his haircut today he looked more like his daddy than ever! His language is vast although I understand a fraction of what he actually says. Even at that, his number of words he can say is huge! I’m consciously trying to soak up this time as a mom of one with that one being so independent. We can get in and out of the car so easily now! We love sharing a bag of popcorn. We love going on walks and talking back and forth about what we see. We love reading books together. And we LOVE dancing together!

I certainly have my moments of weakness/failure/frustration as he grows more independent and willful but overall, life with Liam is beautiful. The more I let go, the more beautiful it seems to become.

My life as a wife:

Is good! Darn it, wouldn’t you know, the more love you sow the more you reap! It seems like God is giving me grace to yield to some things that I’ve resisted in the past and the payoffs have been huge. The more mercy and forgiveness I extend, the more sweetness is in the air. The more respect I cultivate in my heart for him, the more loved AND respected I feel in return. The more I pray for him, the more my heart is connected to his. He’s becoming a man I am in awe of and it makes me want to step up to the plate. Really thankful that we’ve pushed through the hard times together and just kept coming back to pursuing each other.

My life as a thankful Believer:

The two themes in my heart recently have been trust and mercy. Have you heard the new Hillsong United song with the lyric ‘Jesus take me where my trust is without borders…’? Man that’s been reverberating in me over and over again! I want to trust Him more – which means laying down my control. Which means trading in my deeply-held vision for my life in order to have His vision. Which means trusting in the character of God even when the circumstances stir wildly emotional responses. And mercy. Oh mercy! I have received what I didn’t deserve. It wasn’t fair and it wasn’t earned. There are opportunities every single day in which I have to decide if I will extend mercy to another person. Mercy and forgiveness are leading me to a much more restful life in Christ. Aren’t you thankful that He speaks? That the Spirit of God leads us into all truth?

My life as me:

Here are some random thoughts – God is trustworthy. There were a lot of years that I felt the sting of rejection with girlfriends growing up. But God has and continues to bring so many special girlfriends into my life now. Being a good friend and cultivating healthy relationships is core for me. I love the relationships He’s building in my life right now! Two of which are a few very special highschoolers I get to hang out with and keep my cool factor in check. šŸ™‚ Next random thought – I started a diet today! Dear me. It’s been years since I said that last. I wasn’t looking for one but this one kind of found me and instantaneously felt right. A body reset is exactly what I think I’ve been needing. We’ll see how it goes though! At the moment, I am seriously hungry. If only chips and salsa were a part of this thing, this wouldn’t be an issue! LOL. At any rate, I’m committed for the fifteen days and hopeful. I’ll keep you updated.


Sorry this is sideways šŸ™ BUT HELLO FABRIC that needs to be in my house!

Hope you’re well!

Love y’all,


  1. Thanks for the update! Love you!

  2. Well.. First off, LOVE the BANGS!!! I am a fan of your ever-evolving style, always so classic and beautiful. šŸ™‚ Truth: the more love you sow, the more you reap!! Amen!! And finally, no matter the "sting" of past relationships, I too have been there, yet you have always been a constant for me… even miles away I still love you!! šŸ™‚ xoxo

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