I just read a blog post that spoke to me. It was simple – so simple. It was a list of what she is thankful for in pictures.

(Note – this picture is just thrown in because I love lattes. That’s all.)

Sometimes don’t you get tired of the how-to blog posts? Even if they’re cloaked in transparency and humility, they can wear me down at times. Isn’t it odd? Normally I really like those kinds of posts and I certainly do them myself so that really isn’t meant as criticism as much as an observation. Sometimes you just need a break to let your spirit and soul be and rest.

So today I have no words of wisdom. No enlightened stories. No precious (to-me! LOL) Liam updates. Just my own list – inspired by Emily :). And because this is off the cuff – there is no stunning photography to accompany my list. Just a plain ole list y’all.

I am SO thankful for:

– A house with a working heater. I think of people who live in third-world or impoverished or inner city circumstances and I’m grateful.

– My espresso machine. Caleb and Chloe got us a refurbished espresso machine a few Christmases ago and now that latte is something I cherish every single day. There’s just something about a special drink celebrating the accomplishment of getting to nap time another day. Note: I didn’t make the latte above! No surprise there though! However, I do have a bit of desire stirring in me at the mere sight of such a huge glorious beautiful latte :).

– The fact that my brunette hair color has faded to a color that I really really like as opposed to just generally feeling good about it.

– That God meets me when my fingers are typing.

– Celebrating Zion’s thirtieth birthday. It is a meaning milestone for him and it’s so cool to see him arriving at this new season wish strength. I’m excited for what he’s on the brink of.

– I am thankful in advance for the flourless chocolate cake I’ll be eating tomorrow 🙂

– The new Hillsong United CD. Get this – it’s called Zion and it was released ON Zion’s thirtieth birthday! Wow! And – it is SO GOOD. Get it.

– My dear friend who’s journey to becoming a mama was longer than she wanted it to be and is now pregnant with twins….a boy and a girl! Such joy.

– My parents and Zion’s parents are such a big part of our lives.

– Mr. Liam Spencer has started stretching his afternoon nap!!!!!!!!!!! GLORY BE!!!!!!!!!! He’s starting to wake up happy instead of a miserable because he’s had enough sleep. Praises!

– The fact that I broke through the barrier and worked out this morning…for the first time in a loooooong time. Feels good.

– Our friends who truly care about us.

– Zion allowing me to sleep with the fan on at night – even in the winter – so that I can be under the covers but not sweltering. We’re going on eight years of this people! He’s tried to dispute it a few times but has thankfully given in 🙂

– The fact that today is Friday – and thus – the weekend stretches out like a blank sheet of paper. It’s going to be a good one!

I’m sure your thankful list could go on just like mine. Mmmmmm it’s so good to forget the to-do list and just be thankful. I hope your weekend rocks! Happy Friday!!!