Number one, I did it. I watched the entire entirely too long awards show as I do every year. This year it seemed even longer than usual don’t you agree? I feel like I deserve an award for getting through it! Regardless, I’m committed, so I’ll watch come what may. But more importantly, I watched the red carpet coverage. My go-to coverage is Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic on E!. This year, I think they got slighted! Usually Ryan has a plush set up with some space and he gets every big name. This year was like a circus down on the ground! It was fast, it was chaotic, and I think some big people were missed. Just to make sure I didn’t miss a dress – I’ve done my homework.

This year, I’d like to commend myself for actually writing this blog post (third annual!) while being dressed in something other than sweats! The first year I was pregnant and last year I had a six-month old – thus the sweats. Tonight, I sit here with not-so-fresh makeup but I am in a lilac blazer that I love. So that’s a personal plus.

On to the dresses! My favorites this year were clear-cut. No internal disputes or conflict. The only thing I can say is that some of the pictures just don’t do them justice so click on the pictures to see them as large as possible. Off we go to my favorite frocks of the night!

In no particular order:

1. Jessica Chastain

This is one dress that I just don’t think still shots do justice towards. She looked ahhhhhmazing. The shimmering pale bronze of this dress on her skin was killer. And I am a sucker for a great red lip. She was the first big dress I saw on the red carpet and it was hard for me to not keep comparing people back to her! Loved the hair, loved the make-up, loved the jewelry.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

I believe ‘wow’ was my response to this number. The shape and silhouette this creamy number creates is gorgeous to me. I love how understated she went with jewelry (the reverse necklace!) and make-up in order to let the shape of the dress be the big statement. Other than the fact that this beauty literally caused her to fall up the stairs as she accepted her Oscar for best actress – it was one of my top top top looks of the night!

3. Naomi Watts

This dress is a show-stopper if you ask me! There was nothing else like it on the red carpet and it fit her like a glove. It had the cool edge but man alive she looked so gorgeous. The deep metallic gray was so perfect with her hair and eyes. I just thought she was stunning.

4. Amanda Seyfried

Take my word for it, this picture does not begin to do this dress justice! On screen you could see the lilac under color more clearly and the shimmery gold detail on top just sparkled. Frankly, this was probably my favorite of the night! It was Alexander McQueen cool, still ultra-feminine and it was so beautiful because of its delicate color and design. If I could take any dress home – this would be it for me!

5. Halle Berry


6. Charlize Theron

These particular dresses on these two women were winners. In both cases I think the structure of the gowns on their bodies was the best asset of each dress. And their super short hair just accentuates the strength of the dresses. Both looks were so sexy and strong and a bit more on the masculine side – which can be so great when done right.

and finally………..


Not her red carpet dress. Pink number was blah. But her dress when the cast was performing on stage was amazing! Obviously a girl’s gotta have some height to pull that off but I thought it was such a unique cut and it looked beautiful. I loved the sparkle. I loved the neckline with her cropped hair. Why didn’t she wear this dress on the red carpet???

Since it was a dress not worn on the red carpet – the best I could come up with was a youtube video of the performance. Right here. Anne comes in just after 40 seconds… was one of the best moments of the night so I suggest watching the entire three and a half minutes if you have the time!

What did you think???? I wonder if you had some favorites that I didn’t include on my list? I just love seeing the dresses each February. There’s just something about a beautiful dress that stirs the deepest feminine parts of my heart. They inspire beauty in me and that’s a good thing.

Happy Monday!!!