Movie Review: Safe Haven

This year, our Valentine’s date was one of my favorites. We scrapped the fancy dinner and opted for a bucket of popcorn (we wished we’d gotten the jumbo bucket when was all was said and done! LOL) and a movie on Valentine’s Day night. It was so fun! The theater was packed because we saw Safe Haven on opening night and that made it all the more fun. It reminded me of my college years – going to see Ocean’s Eleven on opening night in a packed theater of loud college kids. That dates me – I know!

First let me say, I am not a Nicholas Sparks reader. Not against it – I just haven’t read his books. So I had no point of reference for the story line of Safe Haven. I’m pretty sure if you read the book you would say there’s no way the movie could be as good as the book. Buuuuuut… this movie has grown on me the more I think about it! Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoyed it in the moment too. But it’s been a week and I kind of wish I could go see it again tonight :).

It’s just a really sweet story. Widower dad meets young woman fleeing an abusive relationship. The abusive relationship element brings more of an intensity to the story than I was prepared for! Sorry for the fingernail marks in your hand Zion!

Here’s what I loved about the movie: It was fairly clean in terms of language and sexual content. Mind you I said fairly (i.e. it only happens occasionally; it’s not a movie that is laced with language and sex). The story is just so sweet. Sometimes I get tired of all of the complex/weird/artistic romantic story lines and this one is just a plain old sweet love story. The kind you can get lost in and truly root for the characters. And hey – there were some inspirational make-out scenes if I do say so! You know the kind: you walk away wanting to be all that you can be in that way! LOL.

Things you may not like: The development of the story was a tad shallow. Things seemed to happen fast and at times, the story wasn’t given enough time to develop the way it could have.

Having said that – it brings me back to a simple, sweet (with some very intense moments!) love story.

And you know, I have a quota of those that I just truly need to meet. I’m looking forward to another month or so when this hits the dolla theater – because I’ll be there!

Love y’all,

PS….we all know that Sunday is Oscar Sunday right??? I am prepping these little typing fingers for my third annual Oscar’s Top Dresses. AHHHHHH I CAN’T WAIT!

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  1. I would go with you tonight! 🙂

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