Liam, You 18-Monther, You!

You, my boy, are quite the person! I can’t believe I’ve known you on the outside world for a year and a half. Sometimes it feels like I just blinked my eyes and this happened – other times, it seems like you’ve been here and I’ve known you forever.

I must say, being a year and a half into the journey called motherhood feels good! I feel more grounded in my role (at least for the time being lol!) and we’ve found a good groove of life.

So let’s see here. What will I want to remember about this time of your life when we look back…oh where to start? 🙂

You are, developmentally, right on track. You weighed 23lbs and 13oz and were 32 3/4in long at your 18-month check up. That puts you in the 10-25% for weight and the 50-75% for height. A little skinnier than average and a little taller than average. P.S. Lord, if you’d like to make that my new assignment in life You’ll get no complaints from me!!!

People still say you look just like your daddy. And I don’t dispute it – I still love hearing that. But I look into your face and see myself there too – it’s our little secret.

You had been babbling and using a few words for quite a few months but at 17 months language started to explode out of you! It seems like you add a new word to your collection every day or two. Perhaps that is mommy-exaggeration but oh well! But you know what I love? You still call balloons and balls boombooms. I don’t try to correct it because it’s one of my favorite things you say. Only in the last week have you added the word ‘no’ to your vocabulary. It was inevitable right?? Right now you have over 30 words you say and I’m thinking you’re on your way to being quite the verbal little person. No surprise there though given your parents!

(Very serious tooth-brushing-buddies, you and Katherine had such a good time together on our visit!)

About three weeks ago you shifted to calling us mommy and daddy instead of mama and dada. I thought that was interesting because I never encouraged that. Pretty cute coming out of your little mouth now though.

You are getting more into books these days! Your attention span is definitely increasing. Now it’s common for you to sit in my lap and have me read most of a book to you. Some of your recent favorites have been ‘Moo, Baa, La La La’, Baby Einsteins ‘First Words’, Baby Einsteins ‘First Letters’, and ‘Goodnight Moon.’

(Charlotte Lee read you a book showing just how big a girl she was and you approved)

One of my very favorite moments in our day is when you want to hold hands with me as we walk from one end of the house to the other end (not that it’s that big – but for little legs it’s a journey). My heart swells holding your chubby hand. Sometimes you hop or try to run while we walk hand in hand and we both laugh. You have a happy heart!

One of my other favorite parts of the day is when Daddy comes home – for many reasons LOL! But you love to stand at the front window and call out ‘Daaaaaaaaddy!’ We make sure to wait to start the watching game until you only have a few minutes left before Daddy rolls in! Throughout the day you’ll look at the window and say ‘Daddy?’. So precious. Then when you see Daddy pull up – you run to the garage door and stand totally still waiting for it to open. The second it opens – you’re off! Running in the opposite direction enticing him to chase you. You laugh so hard! We still pray with Daddy before he goes to work and you put your hand on his chest as we pray and then say ‘men!’ I’m so in love with your very sweet heart Liam.

(Best friends and cousins, you and YaYa own that bottom step at Mimi and B.Bo’s like it’s the best fort imaginable)

Even though you have quite a few words – you’re still utilizing a lot of babble. You’ll stick your pointer finger in the air and give me a long diatribe then nod your head and toddle off. We have the best conversations :).

You’re definitely developing independence! The newest thing is that when you’re in the shopping cart, you want only your hands on the bar to ‘push push push.’ Mine are supposed to be nowhere near the pushing bar. I try to explain to you that it simply doesn’t work that way but you have a different perspective.

You generally sleep 11-12 hours a night and although you have made the transition to one nap a day – nap length is all over the place. Sometimes an hour and a half and sometimes two and a half hours…I’m guessing it will get more consistent given time.

I truly love spending my days with you. You’re full of joy, funny, sweet, and smart. I think every mama must feel that way about her baby! As more time passes, I feel so honored to get to be your mama. It’s such a blessing to get to walk this road and I don’t take it for granted.

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  1. What a beautiful post. What a life changer little Liam is.

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