I really can’t tell you how many times I sit down and log in to blogger to see if my bloggy friends have any new updates for me. Seriously. I love the window into their worlds. I love glimpses of their days – the good, the bad, and the hilarious. So when I sat down just now and saw no new updates – I decided to bite the bullet. I’m gonna tell you about my day 🙂

My last post mentioned that we were almost through the transition to one nap. Ding ding ding ding. Wrong! We’re not. We’re oh-so-not. We are fully back to two naps a day for the time being. When it comes to these transitions – I never know if I’m doing them right or very wrong lol. I’ll research to find the answers and still not be 100% clear so here we are. Maybe in another month or so??? I’m fine with two naps a day really 🙂

Having said that – today was a busy day because this week is going to be a busy week. We have small group here tomorrow night and then on Friday we are having our Memorial Dinner with our small group at our house. The Memorial Dinner is going to be a time when we all take time to tell what the Lord has done on our behalf in 2012 – we are going to make our own memorials to His great works by giving time to tell about them. I can’t wait! But that means that it’s time to get this house Christmas-fied. Which means I need to tidy and clean it first. And wouldn’t you know – these are the days on which Liam isn’t 100% and he needs me more.

I think as a mom – these moments are especially challenging. My heart melts that he wants to be held and be close, my mind races through the list that isn’t being accomplished while the holding happens, and my nerves valiantly fight to stay un-frayed by the low-ebbing constant whining tone that accompanies a nearly 16 month-old who is tired and doesn’t feel his best. Which part to give in to???

Today – God’s grace got me through and I didn’t lose it. Can I get a big fat whoopin’ YES????!!!!! I enjoyed that sweet blonde head on my shoulder and his closeness – even took some time to just sit and hold. We rocked more today. I told him how much I loved him. But we also got some things done! This is our first year of decorating for Christmas ‘together’ :). He helped me put the small tree together that’s going in the front window – which will now be our kiddy-fun-silly tree. We got the mantle decorated. We got to Hobby Lobby and bought red lights for the fun tree. We dusted! We did dishes! You’re getting the picture of how glamorous my life is – I know.

And did I mention – I have make-up on? Praises.

To top it all off, I got 15 minutes to take in Colossians 2. I am thankful because of the over-the-top reminder that God is head over all and rules over all – and I am FILLED with Him. The one true God. So it’s not that I am powerful – but that the sacred God who resides in me is all-powerful. Come on brain – get it! is what I tell myself!

So I call today a win. The master bedroom still holds a few piles of laundry for me to tackle, the extra bedroom still needs me to do something with the baby clothes, and I still have receipts waiting to be shredded BUT He is good. We made it through another Tuesday – we’re upright – we’re smiling – and we’re ready to see Daddy!

Hope you have a great day my friend.