Fifteen Months: Liam in all his glory

Fifteen months you say? Where is time flying off to? Man alive wherever it’s going – it is going FAST! I love being able to have my little buddy by my side and seeing him unfold more all of the time.

Liam, oh Liam. You – my son – are full to the brim. Full of life, full of ideas, full of sounds, full of language I can’t quite yet decipher, and full of BOY! I still get taken by surprise when you innately do something male that no one has ever taught you. Car sounds just ooze out of you when you see a car. Your ‘grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ is applied to a train, a truck, a car, or frankly – anything that resembles a car. πŸ™‚

We love watching the trash truck each week and we love watching cars drive by the house. And we loooooove going outside to wait for daddy to come home from work.

When I was pregnant with Liam – I asked the Lord to fill this child with His joy. Liam indeed is filled with joy ;). He loves to laugh with you and he loves to smile and have fun fun fun.

It definitely seems like we are way past the baby stage. My little walker (who is working so diligently on becoming a runner) is a big boy who loves to be treated like a big boy. We love throwing balls back and forth, rolling balls back and forth, making baskets with our basketball, playing chase, playing peek-a-boo, playing with the little people farm, pulling out pots and pans to cook with on the floor, and our new-found adventure is climbing. So far the climbing is nothing too dangerous – but as I see those little legs reach up to hoist his body onto more and more things – I find myself wondering just where this is all going :).

So far he has a handful of words (that we can understand): Dada, Mama, Mimi, B.Bo, BoomBoom (balls and balloons), Arf Arf for dogs, Baaaa for sheep, YaYa (which is what Isaiah – his cousin – is called), and he’s working on banana. But by far the most precious word he says started a few weeks ago. We pray before our meals, before bed, and we pray for Daddy before he leaves for work. Out of the blue – he started saying ‘min’ right before we’d get to amen! Sometimes it sounds like ‘may min’ and sometimes it’s just ‘min’ – but it truly melts my heart. When he sleeps I ask the Lord to plant Himself deeply in Liam and make Himself real and known to him. I explain to Liam that we’re just talking to Jesus because we love Him and He loves to talk to us – I may be crazy but I think He gets it! Okay – I’m probably crazy :). But sometimes I think about how recently He was with Jesus and I just so wish I could know what He still remembers.

I have realized that I am doing these blogs so that I won’t forget the precious details of a sweet little boy growing up. Thanks for your patience – if you’re still reading!

Much to my delight – Liam has really gotten into books over the past few months. He likes to bring me his favorites and settle into my lap – :). His favorites are: Ten Tiny Puppies (he kisses the puppy on each page), Farm Animals, Trucks by Usborne, Baby Jesus is Born, Bubbles Bubbles, Baby Einstein Letters, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, and another version of Farm Animals……basically anything with animals!

A few stats: At his fifteen month appointment he had shot up to the 75% for height and dropped to the 10% for weight. Dr. Jones wasn’t concerned about the weight as he has fluctuated up and down and is eating…just grew taller all of the sudden πŸ™‚ I’m thinking he has his daddy’s build.

He is nearly transitioned to one afternoon nap a day – but not quite. Whew! This transition has been interesting for all. Poor little man has been tired more as a result of the shift and so we keep waiting it out.

Other adorable things I don’t want to forget: He’s started nodding his head up and down for yes. But it’s a very definitive yes – nothing subtle about it. Too cute to see this little boy man bobbing that head up and down so certainly. When we pray for Zion in the mornings, he puts his hand on Zion’s chest just like I do to pray for him. He loves holding hands to pray in the highchair before meals. When he sees Isaiah (YaYa) he pats him on the head. Liam loves going to the park and doing the slides – again and again and again. Thank the good Lord – he’s returned to his willingness to give kisses. πŸ™‚ The sweetest little kisses on earth. Mama and Daddy can get kisses about half the time. His stuffed friends like Lance the Lion on the other hand, get kisses 100% of the time.

I am loving life and loving this little man. Feeling so blessed. The budget may be tighter on one income but the joy overflows and God is faithful. I soak this boy up and love getting to know him.

There is so much to be thankful for and you, sweet reader, are one that I am thankful for. Thanks for being caring and nosy enough to love my little man with me :).

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  1. Abi this is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. i also love your brown hair! its so so pretty! miss you and love you lots!

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