Mommyworld: Role of a Lifetime

I have a funny feeling there will be a lot of Mommyworld posts over time. It’s such a huge element of life and heart and soul once the journey starts. From the second you know that little person exists so small he’s barely detectible – your heart is never the same. I remember the morning I took the pregnancy test around 5:45am in the morning. The second I saw those two bright pink lines I started doing a silent squealing dance all around the dark house. Your life changes in a split second in the most glorious/staggering way.

I have wanted to be a mom since – well since I was little little little. When I went to the grocery store with my mom I would bring my baby doll and grab a hand basket at the store and treat it like my baby carrier. But – may I say – there are these moments in mommyworld that take your breath away by the overwhelming responsibility of being a first time mom. These moments when you truly have no idea what to do or how to help. Moments that have you really really really praying for grace and wisdom and maybe a teeny tiny break from the relentless routine.

A mom who’s blog I follow recently shared some thoughts on this role of being mommy. Her statement spoke to me so much that I printed it off and taped it to my refrigerator! It brings my thoughts back into perspective.

Here’s what Megan said:

“We’ve chosen this life of changing diapers, watching your waistline expand to accommodate a growing nugget, and being on the never ending rotation of meals and baths. Because the truth is we’ve been entrusted with royalty, every parent has been. We’ve got babies to raise up so that when their little feet hit the ground, the enemy’s heart trembles with fear.”

YES! This makes every effort, every overwhelming and exhausted moment so very worth it. I love the thought of the enemy trembling in fear over Mr. Liam Spencer’s feet on the ground. What an honor.

This role of a lifetime is better than I could have ever imagined – including the tough moments. Can’t believe he’s our’s to love till we feel like we’re going to explode. Thankful for reminder that this job is more important than just about anything I will ever do.


  1. he is just precious! so honored to be on this journey of motherhood with you!!!

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