Hola! Thursday night blogging instead of sleeping = lovely. So I have always enjoyed watching a movie at home or going to see a movie at the theater. Buuuuut since becoming parents – watching a movie feels more decadent. Kinda wild even. LOL!

So – a few weekends ago we were over the top crazy wild parents and saw TWO MOVIES. Shocker. On Friday night I we rented ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It.’

I didn’t know what to expect and in fact, my expectations were low going into it. But I was so pleasantly surprised! It was fun, honest, cute, and relatable for any workin’ mama. Now, keep in mind, I don’t consider myself a critic of movies. I can thoroughly enjoy an absolutely predictable story with the best of them! So perhaps it would be considered predictable. But, the story took a little different turn than I anticipated and Sarah Jessica Parker was really fun. And – as a workin mama – I found myself saying “YES! That IS how it is!!!!” It was hopeful and I just liked it. Redbox it!

The next night we upped the ante to a whole nutha level sista. We went out to see a movie. Oh yeah. We ate popcorn and I snuck in my big coke in my big purse like the days before Mr. Liam :). We saw Good Deeds.

I also recommend this one! Honest admission: this was my first Tyler Perry movie to see. Sad! I have always heard good things about his work but just haven’t seen his movies. I’d definitely say I am a fan after this. There’s just something different about the story he tells and it’s refreshing. Thandie Netwon played the lead opposite Tyler and she was on the verge of over-dramatized in most scenes….but I still enjoyed it and her. The story broke your heart in some ways, made you laugh, and connected me to the characters. I think it’s out of the theaters now…so make it a RedBox yes when you need a little wildness in your life. 🙂

I can’t imagine that your life could possibly be wilder than mine lol. In fact, maybe this post will inspire you to get a little more wild. You’re welcome. Hmmmmm maybe I need to start planning my movie plans for this weekend!

Are you going to see Hunger Games? I think I need to read the first book – and then I’ll go….which means I will likely be RedBoxing the first movie!!!!

Love y’all,