Seven Month Salutations!

Seven month pictures….this was the sole shot that gave me a sweet smile:

The rest of them looked like this:

All of the sudden – no more baby boy. Or maybe it’s just no more little baby boy. Now William Justice is a big boy baby! Seeing that precious face every day sometimes you don’t see the maturing until you take a picture and say – ‘Wait! Is that what you look like now??’ That face is so sweet.

I must say – so far it looks like he may have gotten my hair. Or at least maybe. LOL! Let’s just say – it has body. And it continues to grow from the middle top of his head so little man rocks a mohawk fairly often.

Categorical update:

Sleep: Well! I would say we are still in that transition phase but there has been a few great steps he’s tried out. We have now done a few four hour cycles between feedings during the day. Great! I am not really pushing it – still believing that he’ll get there when he gets there. So – mostly Liam is awake an hour and a half and then naps an hour and a half. Two – three naps a day. He goes to sleep around 7:30pm and wakes up around 6:15am. Ahem. This mama continues to pray and problem-solve on that wake time. It’s hard to get yourself going personally before you get baby up if that get up time is 6:15 in the morning. Merciful! But I continue to be thankful that he’s sleeping through the night. He wakes up occasionally and is hungry but not very often.

(Mr. Spencer and his cousin Mr. Huntsinger. Ohhhhh the noise they will make and the fun they will have!)

Eating: Well! This mama has also been a tad slow on introducing solids beyond his oatmeal cereal. I tell you what – working part time and working some hours from home makes me feel like I am running in a million directions most of the time. So – making my own baby food – which I prefer over jarred for the most part – hasn’t made it to the top of the to-do list. Until recently! Butternut squash was steamed and that Baby Bullet was put to good use for the first time. I am a fan of the Baby Bullet! And Mr. Spencer was a pretty big fan of butternut squash. 🙂

(Who doesn’t wear their bib backward and take frequent breaks to look at the fan?!)

Activities: He’s active alright! Liam embraces physical determination like his life depends on it. These days, it’s even a challenge to hold him on my hip because he likes to lean forward like he’s leading us. Or twist his whole body to see things from a different angle. Little man is just strong – no doubt about it. Which leads us to sitting and crawling. He’s got sitting down pat and the crawling has been a goal of his for the past month and a half – no joke. He started a few crawling steps but most consistently he lunges/scoots himself wherever he wants to be. Including hanging off of the edge of the couch or bed while a parent holds his legs. I think we’re going to have a climber on our hands.

(This is his now common position after he crawls for a bit. Just taking a little break before getting back to it.)

Personality: This boy is so fun. SO FUN! He loves to squeal, giggle, babble, growl, and cough (yes). It’s nothing for him to stare someone down and then start coughing or laughing until that person looks at him. 🙂 He’s loving rough housing with Daddy more and more. Zion burries his face in Liam’s tummy and the belly laugh that comes out of that boy makes me laugh and smile and burst.

Fun development: He’s started crawling/scooting himself to people he wants to see. But, there’s more and more coordinated crawling and less scooting each day. When I come in from work and he’s playing, he sees me and starts getting that little body in my direction immediately. Oh be still this mama’s heart.

Also random – after he sneezes he laughs. Seriously!

I am loving watching this person unfold. He hasn’t met an electronic device that doesn’t get him to breathing heavy. He loves the thermostat in the hallway as if it’s Mickey Mouse at Disney World.

He’s starting to climb us like we are great obstacle courses. We are having more and more fun adventuring out together and life gets sweeter the more I get to know this boy.

Life sure is fun with you Liam Spencer and I am starting to plot that first birthday party in my head already!!

P.S. I think I may start calling him chomper. Today I found his FIFTH tooth.


  1. Thank you so so much for this update. :o) I love hearing about how you all are doing. You are so blessed and Liam is blessed to have you and Zion as parents. Love you all

  2. LOVE everything about this post!! Can I come over for a play date?

  3. he is precious! LOVE the high chair acrobatics!

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