Six Months of Wonder, Wisdom and the Wriggles

THIS little masterpiece is six months old today. Oh my! I cannot believe it.

Sometimes my heart feels a little sad at how quickly he has grown but mostly I am excited for him. This boy is on the fast track I tell you. Sometimes that is impressive and sometimes that is just plain alarming!

So here’s a little categorical update:

Sleep: We have wonderful sleep accomplishments and head-scratchers the same my boy. He has been sleeping through the night since he was seven weeks old and that has been a huge blessing. Around 4.5 months he started waking early in the mornings. Make that an hour early. I have discovered that since I work in the office two days a week it is top priority for me to get him to sleep until 7…otherwise it’s an interesting dynamic to put it nicely lol. Soooo that’s one of our wonderments right now. Thankfully Liam wakes up happy and it is one of my very favorite things to walk in and say ‘Gooooooooooood morning Liam!’ and see that huge smile and laugh and he usually starts doing a stationary bounce on all fours. This boy takes on the day with determination! Our naps have been good but we’re definitely in the middle of a transition to less daytime sleeping and more waketime. Check with me on that later because I currently feel lost and am praying for a lot a lot a lot of wisdom to help him with the transition. LOL!

For the most part, nursing has gone well! We have definitely had bumps here and there but we’re still nursing and it’s more precious than I could have known it would be. It is simply a crazy miracle to be able to feed a child. Also, it has become his most still and quiet part of the day so I especially cherish that lol!!! Liam got to start cereal two weeks ago. We started with rice cereal which went great until day two :). On day two I mixed in a formula that was in a word – horrible – on Liam’s system. So we took a five day break and started again but this time with oatmeal cereal. Although I know the formula was the problem – we will come back to the rice cereal sometime later. Next up – squash! Ooooo la la. lol.

Homeboy is on the move! Not quite a crawler but he is working on it ardently. He is pretty much sitting with a few wobbles included. Over the past week he has started laughing a lot. He finds himself to be hilarious mostly! LOL. But mommy and daddy garner a good laugh here and there too. He loves his jumperoo. He still loves his activity mat. And recently – he loves playing in his crib after he gives me every sign he’s sleepy. I think he may be plotting just to get some alone time to play before going to sleep 🙂

Right now – he says da da da da da da da A LOT. I mean, come one! What’s wrong with ma ma ma ma ma I ask??? Zion tries to claim he has said his first word and indeed it is Dada. I dispute that LOL.

My favorites:
– The sweet smile and coo right after his tummy is full from nursing. Melt me.
– Morning snuggles on the weekends when Daddy is home. We all snuggle and talk in bed after our first feeding and it’s precious.
– Liam is a studier and a learner. He especially loves watching Daddy to see what he is doing and how he is doing it. I’m probably crazy but I think he already wants to be like Daddy.
– The fact that this six month old is fairly convinced he can drink out of a big boy cup – watter bottle – anything. Sippy cup here we come!
– I love that he enjoys people. He smiles for people and doesn’t mind being held by people he doesn’t know (for the most part!).
– I am amazed by how strong he is physically. I mean, sometimes I can barely hold him from all of the contortions he’s working. Rocking him is a joke from time to time. If he’s too worked up he’ll simply stand on you when you try to rock him – put his hands on your shoulders and rock/surf. I can’t help but giggle.
– Finally, I am honored to watch this little man unfold. His personality is a delight, his passion is alive, and his sweetness oozes. Just to think – God had a specific purpose in creating Liam Spencer and we are just along for the ride.

On the horizon: journeying into the world of making organic baby food. Bring it squash, carrots, bananas and such! Bring it.

Thank you God for the honor of being a mama and for Zion who so passionately parents with me. After this one, I wouldn’t mind having a tribe of boys. Who knew this would be so precious??

Love y’all,

P.S. The wisdom referred to in the title is the many many prayers of sincere desperation for God to get down here right this very minute and tell me what to do with little man and how to mama him. I have gotten fairly demanding with my requests lol! He keeps coming through just like He always does. Thank holy goodness!

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  1. Hey Abi! You're such a great mama!! I absolutely treasure this little man, and I am so thankful that I get to share in his journey with you guys! Love you guys! 🙂 –Oh, and now that he's 6 mos, we definitely need to make taking a picture priority!!! Maybe Tuesday? 😉

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