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Ahhhh Pinterest. Thanks to my girl Kelsey I took the Pinterest plunge a few months ago. Ummmm hello huge new part of my world. Is it not crazy how such a simple idea and platform can make such a big splash?

I am not the world’s craftiest girl. Mind you – this is mostly due to my choice more than anything. Typically, I’d rather spend my time having coffee with a friend, going on a walk with Liam and Zion, etc. than knitting or spending hours making crafts. However. That was before Pinterest. Now all of the sudden I have this little fire inside of me to try my hand at a few things! I did make a t-shirt scarf inspired by P. and with the help of some friends it turned out well!

One of the parts I love is all of the new recipes. It’s just nice to get new ideas! So I tried my first Pinterest meal last night. Overnight chicken with balsamic roasted carrots. I loved the marinade for the chicken but it called for it to be cooked too long in my opinion so that recipe gets a ‘B’ as is. And the balsamic roasted carrots needed oomph and could have used more balsamic so those also get a ‘B.’ Now I love trying new recipes. But I only repeat if we truly love something. I didn’t love either of these….and thus the title of the article.

Are you pinning?

I wonder what is on your Pinterest crafting to-do list….

For me, I would like to make at least one Christmas decor craft this year and I saw a really cute brown onesie with the turkey face on the front and the turkey feathers on the back. Cute!

And I have already decided that Cranberry Salsa will be made as a Thanksgiving appetizer in a few weeks – it looks amazing! And then….there are all of those Christmas cookie recipes!

For now, I am enjoying having my creativity sparked and stirred. I’d LOVE to know what you’ve got your eye on!

Love y’all,

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  1. I, too, tend to be drawn to the recipes. I've made some good ones! And the travel photos, wowza. Currently trying to find our Christmas card design!

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