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Hi again. It’s me – and I’m still pregnant. 🙂 Being in this position could be seen as unrelatable if you haven’t been pregnant before – but in truth – it’s just like anything else in life that feels ‘overdue’ when you think it should have come to pass a few moments ago.

Geez Louise! I tell you what – faith comes in to play when something seems overdue doesn’t it? And here’s what else I am realizing once again – the battle for faith is a moment by moment / hour by hour battle. It’s not a one time knock down drag out fight. It’s an ongoing nagging battle that we have to keep choosing to win in Christ.

Last night – the pity party I was starting to throw myself was ridiculous. The thoughts I was thinking were ridiculous! The emotional mood was in a downward spiral and you get the picture. So – I made a snap decision to get myself to the prayer/worship service at church and simply get my eyes off of myself. Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me is all I can say!

The whole time – I kept hearing things in my spirit like “Rise up woman of faith.” And the verse “I lift my eyes up – to where my help comes from – my help comes from the Lord.” (Little secret – as I looked up and found that actual verse in Psalm 121 I discovered that my memory paraphrased it lol. But it works!) Bottom line – I may feel like this baby boy’s birth is late – but it’s just not. And I do have a choice. I can choose to literally lift my eyes up to my Helper.

Of course, to lift my eyes up requires a cease and desist on the pity party doesn’t it? Hmmmmm funny how that works.

So – by the grace of God – I choose joy in the waiting. I choose peace that is mine because Jesus said He left me His peace that passes my understanding. And I choose faith! And I choose a thankful heart instead of a grumbling heart.

Isn’t it frustrating that so often it comes down to a choice we need to make that overrides the emotions we may feel? But time and time again – it’s the way to victory.

So whatever you’re waiting on – know that progress towards that goal is being made whether you can see and perceive it or not. Whether or not you can feel it…forward motion is happening.

So – yep I am still pregnant. And happy.

Love y’all,


  1. Love your post and your perspective, Abi! Thank you for sharing.

  2. That last week was difficult and emotional for me too. I threw myself a good ol' pity party since I thought he'd be here for my first mothers day. God was reminding me it is all on his timing, not mine.God is good!

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