I’m Funny

…or I wish I was funnier in my blogging world. 🙂 Some of my favorite blogs to read are the ones that are just plain funny. My friend Brooke is hilarious and I seriously always laugh out loud at her stories. So I have determined I need to up the funny quotient of this here blog.

….however….if I have to determine that I am going to be more funny – will it actually be funny? LOL Probably not! And yes – this is a random post just because it’s what’s on da mind.

What I can tell you is that I married to a funny person. The other week he came out with a real zinger and I seriously laughed for five minutes. You may not find it funny like I do but here it goes… we had just tried Dickey’s BBQ at Kingspointe Village. We’re fans by the way! As we were driving away we were talking about what we liked about it. One thing he really liked was that it wasn’t a ‘sticky bbq’ place. It was clean and it felt clean…which led us to talking about Rib Crib. Which doesn’t feel clean to him. He’s describing his dislike of RC when he pulls out the bottom line “I just feel obese when I eat there.” And thus my laughter began. It’s hilarious to me number one that his lean self could feel obese at all. Number two, that he used the word obese. And number three, that being around heavy bbq food made him think of that. I really like Mr. Spencer!

Here’s another funny: I snort a lot now. I think that I’ve always had a hidden snort tendency but there is something about pregnancy that has made me snort more while laughing. And I do it in public – which makes me laugh all the more.

Here’s one last one. This one may just put things into perspective for you more than crack ya up. 🙂 We celebrated our sixth anniversary a few weekends ago and we were at a pool relaxing. Now mind you – when celebrating one’s wedding anniversary – there is a desire to feel sexy, beautiful, romantic, etc. But in the current state of this body – those feelings are a tad hard to come by. So there I was – lounging in my swimsuit and all of the other tan skinny girls that this pool seemed to attract. Yessssss – I had to walk back and forth in front of them a few times to grab a towel, etc. And that point – you really just have to have a quiet little laugh on the inside! I mean, you KNOW they are checking you out as you strut in front of them with your quite large middle (and that is seriously no exaggeration my friends). But what can a girl do other than embrace those significantly less firm and significantly less small thighs, chubby arms, circular face and a baby that prefers to push straight out for space? Embrace the beauty baby!

So I think I’ll be on the lookout for the funny a bit more. I bet you had some funny things happen over the weekend. Don’t you wish we could grab coffee and belly laugh over them???

Love y’all,


  1. Ahhhh! I feel so honored to get a shout out! Can't wait til Liam gets here! Xoxoxox

  2. Your blog is my favorite dear friend!!! I would love to get our little boys together to play once _______ Price Brann arrives. FUN times!

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