Sometimes I forget that I am pregnant. And then I look down. Wowza!!!!

It’s pretty amazing that Liam is getting as big as he is…and that we have approximately 8 more weeks of growing to go! I can definitely tell that he is taking up more space now… there are times when I can feel him moving or kicking on both side of my body. One of my favorite things recently is when he pushes out on my belly and you can definitely feel his strong little body if you put your hand where he’s pushing. Mostly I think I am feeling his back and behind but sometimes it feels like he’s jabbing that little elbow out. It still amazes me that there is a real little precious person right there!

At my last ultrasound the doctor was able to get some good shots of his face. It was so bizarre and wonderful because I actually felt like I recognized him when I saw his face. I am not usually a big fan of posting ultrasound pics because they are so hard to figure out – but this one has been my favorite thus far so it gets posted. πŸ™‚

Now really – if you can’t make out his face, don’t worry about it. I am never good at looking at other people’s alienish pictures lol! But if you step back a bit you’ll see his face – forehead, nose (which does look a little inverted lol), eyes, cheeks, and lips….his face is mostly on your right side of the picture. And then you’ll see his arm reaching up to the left of his face with his hand right there by his face.

I mean come on! That is one ADORABLE face!!!! I would absolutely love it if that precious face pops out with his daddy’s dimples…. Just sayin’. (and it happens to be that his nose looks a little inverted because it is pressed up against my uterus – which is kind of a weird word to type in a blog post πŸ™‚

When I get overwhelmed with the huge change that is about to occur in our lives – I just look at that little face. What a miracle! God chose this baby for us to parent and He chose this timing. Be at rest oh my soul.

At this point – both the excitement and the trepidation are growing in equal parts! I mean – 8 weeks is going to FLY by. And then I won’t just be a friend, a girl, a wife, a sister, and a daughter. I’ll be a MOM! It is humbling, thrilling, and overwhelming all at once. I just can’t wait to see that little face in person.

I know I am not to that final stretch yet but there is something inside of me that doesn’t want him to come too early (again – check with me around July 15 to see if my answer is still the same). I want him to come anytime after July 20. Liam is due on July 26 and there is just some instinctual thing that says – I want him to be in there as long as he needs to be. SO MANY people are experts in pregnancy/delivery/parenting! Did you know that???? LOL. One pregnancy – one delivery – one child automatically qualifies you as expert status. It’s not to say that women who have given birth do not have valuable tips, advice, and insight to share. They do! But seriously – I am amazed that most women never stop to think ‘wow – what was normal for me may not apply to every other woman and pregnancy!’ Of course, there are those out there who fully realize this and they are a breath of fresh air. I have heard time and time again that lots of first babies (especially boys) deliver past their due date. I am totally fine with that. But – then there are those stories that absolutely contradict that expectation. Like my sister-in-law. Cherish has two little boys – both came early and were perfectly healthy….just ready! So this is what I am saying people – WHO KNOWS????!!!! I’ll have my bag packed in case he comes early and lots of fun things planned in case I need to entertain myself and keep my mind elsewhere if the waiting gets looooooong.

We are making headway on Liam’s room! The bedding should be here within two weeks and I cannot wait to see it! The crib is ready to be put together – we just need to move the guest bed out. I have ordered a great black picture frame for his room – found some really fun alphabet wall art – and imagine other wall thingies for his room. So – mentally – I am making tons of progress! LOL. Seriously I think it will come together fairly quickly once the bedding arrives. That will be fun fun fun! I bet by the 36 week update I will have some pictures to share. πŸ™‚

On a random room note – we also decided to pull in a subtle lion theme into Liam’s room. Number one – Liam the Lion is just irresistible. And number two – Zion loves lions! When I say subtle – I do mean subtle. The mobile has a lion – there is one wall piece that I like that has a lion on it – and I found a stuffed lion and lion play mat that are amazingly fun. That’s it…no lion overdose!

Caleb and Chloe get to Tulsa on June 25 so I am guessing that we’ll know whether Liam is getting a girl cousin or a boy cousin by early July!!!! I am guessing girl. In which case, it looks like her name may be Michaela Florence Booth. I LOVE it!

Speaking of names, it looks like Mr. Liam has a middle name. His official first name is William but we’ll call him Liam. We were having a hard time coming up with a middle name. We did want something with a bit of an edge to it since William is more elegant. There were a lot of names that sounded great to us – but we take names pretty seriously. You’re probably not at all surprised by that though lol! One night I was sitting on the couch thinking/praying about it and it was like – ‘why don’t you think of words instead of proper names?’ And immediately the word popped into my mind! Zion came in from talking on the phone to one of his good friends in the back yard and I told him about it. He was like ‘That really could be it because that is what Scott and I just spent our whole conversation talking about!’ That’s kind of how God gave us the name William/Liam as well. It came to me and then when I took it to Zion – God had been speaking to him about a lot of different Williams throughout history that He had used in the Kingdom.

So – it looks like we are going to have a William Justice Spencer. It is meaningful to us on lots of levels but most importantly – it coincides with what we believe God is saying about this little man. Come on little man with your destiny!

I wrap this up with a verse I have been meditating on. Maybe it’s what you need to hear right now too:

Isaiah 30:18 “For the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up and show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!”

Love y’all,