Oh Brother Where Art Thou?!

Just need to say – this is one happy sister. My brother and his wife, Chloe, have lived in Beijing, China since the fall of 2009. Caleb is definitely called to China and we have (pretty much, wink wink) come to terms with the fact that we would be separated by continents for the foreseeable future. In circumstances like that – you think a lot about the concept that Jesus laid out – we lose our lives to find them. Sometimes that applies to relationships too! And at the end of the day – how horrible would it be to stand in the way of a person’s destiny because you wish that they were closer for your own comfort??

Welllll…. I recently found out that I am number one going to be an AUNT!!!! And number two, that Caleb and Chloe will be coming back to the States for at least a while! I mean – WOW!!!! I did not really see that coming. First – the baby cousins will be about 2.5 months apart and that is going to be a precious gift. And then – I never thought that they would be coming back to America quite yet. They’ll start out in Oklahoma but who knows where they will land. But seriously – even if they end up thousands of miles away it will still be waaaaaay closer than before.

Can I just say – I am looking forward to lattes and guacamole that Caleb makes like no one else. I am looking forward to sharing a few months of pregnancy with Chloe. I am looking forward to being able to hold my niece or nephew while the baby is still brand new instead of meeting that sweet little person via skype. I am looking forward to just hanging out.

I will enjoy this season for what it is. It may be years in America – but I have learned to not get too comfortable because Caleb and Chloe WILL follow the Lord if they feel Him moving. There is no doubt there will be more seasons of continents separating us but for now – I am LOVING this season and can’t wait. They get to Tulsa on June 25…and it’s going to be fun!!! Thanks Lord for this sweet surprise especially during this special season!! Like I said….I’m happy 🙂

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  1. Oh my goodness! I don't know how I missed this post. It is wonderful! I am so happy for your (growing) family and that you all will be in Tulsa together soon.

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