28 Weeks, a Bag, and It’s Getting Real

Seriously – has it been four weeks since my last baby update??? How is that even possible?! There are still 12 weeks until Baby Boy makes his debut but then I think about how quickly the time goes between my every four week baby updates and it’s a tad shocking. Just a tad!

So big boy is still growing quite well! LOL. At the 28 week appointment this morning he measured in at 2 lbs and 13 oz. That’s almost a three pounder people – which seems large and in charge in my mind. πŸ™‚

Here are the pictorial updates!

I am still so thankful to say that this pregnancy has been a great experience and I am really enjoying it. Today starts my third trimester which absolutely blows my mind – and I can tell that energy is getting a little less available. My mom went with me to register on Thursday night and then we finished up on Saturday afternoon. Dang! Let me just say – all that walking was something else. Plus – I think you need some serious grace to register. So many decisions and so many categories of products to research.

Took the glucose screening this morning and it wasn’t that bad! The orange drink was gulp-able and the worst part was the time waiting for the stuff to process before the blood work could be done. You don’t think that blended coffee drink (yes I still drink caffine) was a bad idea before taking the test do you? LOL. Yep – that’s what I did. Had a coffee drink (no doubt including some sugar) and then went straight to take my glucose screening. I don’t know – I just think that if my body was whacked with sugar stuff I would feel weird and I would know it. Right???

So – speaking of registering – one of the things that I have looked forward to long before I actually became pregnant was a great diaper bag. And let me just TELL you there are some great bags out there these days. Unfortunatley – a small fortune can be spent on said bags. I have been looking and looking and had almost settled on a bag by Timi and Leslie and then I found the bag meant for me at Peek-A-Boo Baby Boutique here in Tulsa on Saturday! I saw it and within five minutes I had come to the clear conclusion that the only appropriate thing was to get myself a Mother’s Day gift. πŸ™‚

Presenting the bag:

You know what’s fun? The bag is made by Kalencom – a New Orleans company! My mom is from New Orleans so it’s fun to support one of our favorite cities. Also – the lining is lime green. Not a necessity by any means but it is a little fun that it will compliment the theme of Liam’s room. πŸ™‚

Okay – so it’s high time to wrap this up. All I can say is that I am consumed by this miracle. He is moving so much more and we are getting to know this boy. And more than that – God is supernaturally preparing our hearts for him and for this journey. I can’t put adequate words to it but I have longed for this for so long and the realization of a dream fulfilled brings joy that is deep and true.

Sometimes I find myself wanting to temper my joy when I think about friends who still have that desire so deep in their hearts and are still waiting. But isn’t that just like the enemy? I want to remain tender to where friend’s hearts are – but not hold back celebrating this miracle even in the least. That’s a fine line to walk in life regardless of which side of the situation you are on or what the particular desire is. But – I celebrate the goodness of God and am allowing my heart to burst with joy. This little boy deserves it and my God deserves it. The excitement is building by the day!

Thanks for putting up with this looooong post Friends.

Love y’all,


  1. Your belly is so cute!!! can't wait to meet him!

  2. Hellooooooooooooo, baby bump! Abs, you are adorable. Can't wait to see you!

  3. Abi, so glad to check in with you. I so recently stepped where you are now stepping! I agree, the whole process is amazing. We baptized Noah on April 24 (Resurrection Sunday, a.k.a. Easter) and immediately following his baptism, the assistant pastor stood at the pulpit and bore his soul – his wife went into premature labor at 15 weeks that Monday delivered their stillborn child. To watch people struggle with pain and loss and still rejoice at the wonderful joy in our own lives is humbling.

  4. So happy to hear how happy you are! Love the damask bag, too!

  5. you look so beautiful!! I am so excited for you in this next step of life!

  6. You are so darn cute! Love the updates, you're going to be an amazing Mom! I see some "nose-tapping" in your future!

  7. Your belly is getting more beautiful every week! Liam is one lucky little dude to have a mommy like you!

  8. You are so cute pregnant! Love the bag indulging…I indulged too with my second. You will love it!

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