24 Weeks!

It is hard to believe that 24 weeks have come and gone! It seems like a very long time but in other ways – it’s flown by. It’s such a surreal experience overall that’s it is hard to come up with the right words for it!

So here are the updated bump pictures:

Yes – still looking up and to your left. I don’t know! Maybe it’s becoming my thing for these pics. πŸ™‚

As you can see – Baby Boy is having no growth issues. None. It is definitely enjoyable to have such a very pregnant looking bump! On the other hand – DANG! I feel like if I told people I was 32 weeks or something with only 8 more to go – it would be totally believable. It makes you wonder – just how big am I going to get? Embrace the whole experience. Embrace the whole experience. πŸ™‚

Regardless of size – I do so cherish seeing more of him and knowing that he is growing. Apparently – this week his face should be almost 100% developed although tiny. Is it not CRAZY to try to wrap your mind around the miracle that is conception and delivery of a human being???? God is so beyond my capacity to even imagine and I love it. At the last ultrasound, the tech kept mentioning his very developed nose and lips. Well hello! Have you seen his parents??? I can’t wait to kiss those big full lips and to rub noses – stately nose to stately nose. LOL. I just do not understand how people cannot believe in God after experiencing carrying a baby and then birth.

My prediction is that he is also going to be a strong boy! His pow pow pow kicks and punches are impressive.

A few random fun facts:

Haribo gummy bears – I purchased a THREE POUND bag and divided it into baggies
Peanut Butter Sandwiches with honey – yum
And many many more things….. let’s get real, I still just like food – and I really always have so I don’t know that any of these things can seriously be credited to pregnancy πŸ™‚

Grocery Shopping
It’s overwhelming people!

Also, it’s great to report that the emotions have kicked in fully and I am totally taken by this boy. I cannot imagine anything other than a boy – and this one specifically. Feeling him move changes everything and I am filled with confidence regarding the plans God has for his life.

Name update: We are fairly settled on William for a first name. We’ll call him Liam for the most part though. It means ‘strong-willed warrior.’ Now of course, we may 100% change our minds in a few weeks! For now, middle name is undecided.

I feel like this post is going on and on. And it is! But – the thoughts just keep coming!

We finally decided on having his bedding made by a seamstress I found on Etsy. We are excited about it! Not so excited about the ten week wait to receive it but I think it will be worth it. Specifically for boys, so many of the bedding options are very cliche or cheesy (for my taste at least)…. So! We chose these two fabrics and we’ll build a color theme around black/white/lime. The green in the print is much more lime in person than the yellow/gold it looks like here.

In conclusion of this post, I leave you with a picture that depicts what it feels like to see yourself grow and grow and wonder….what in the world?????

Love y’all!


  1. You look beautiful! Yes, embrace it. I love it all, especially the excuse to throw self control out the window and just enjoy life (and food) for a while! It all goes by so fast. Love the bedding too!

  2. you look beautiful abi!! and I love your fabric choices…so wonderful!

  3. Loving these updates! It's as if I lived closer. LOVE the nursery fabric. Liam's room is going to be so trendy and masucline!

  4. Liam is such a cute name, and those fabrics are adorable, Abi! The lime and black one is really cool. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery when it's finished!

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