Weekend Report: Washington D.C.!

Isn’t there something so great about weekend reports? If you read them during the week – it’s like a mini escape to weekend living! Some weekends are just a little more exciting than others aren’t they? Some have me running from activity to activity, arriving on Monday’s doorstep breathless. And then there are those weekends that offer you a downright through-and-through adventure. Last weekend was one of those adventures for Mr. and Mrs. Spencer.

Zion has been traveling for work for quite a while and sometimes he goes to really great places. We have always talked about taking advantage of those trips and me joining up with him for a weekend when it’s a fun location. Well folks, after two years, we made it happen in Washington, D.C.!

I will let the pictures do most of the talking but it had been since middle school that either of us has been there and it was pretty cool to take it all in from a more adult understanding.

One thing I don’t have a great picture of: Five Guys Burgers. Hallelujah! Funny enough – we ate our first and our last meal at Five Guys and I just have to say that they make one great burger.

So here we go!

These are all in random order but I just decided not to take the time to fix it. 🙂 The rotunda of the capitol! And that striking figure in black is my handsome husband. 🙂

Well, we are big cupcake fans. I won’t admit to how many we ate over this particular weekend! LOL. These are from Crumbs and it’s still our favorite – totally beats Georgetown Cupcakes in our humble opinion. Our two favorite flavors: cappuccino and red velvet. They were eaten in totality shortly after taking this picture – have no fear.

Oh man there were some gorgeous trees! I had never seen a weeping willow-ish pink flower tree (my profession name for it you see). It was so pretty!

Baby Boy goes to the Capitol!

So funny bc I didn’t mean to not look pregnant! That’s what a larger than life purse will do for ya ladies. Quite useful under certain circumstances.

We hit DC at the beginning of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival! AMAZING!!! Yonder is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and yes you guessed it smarties – Cherry Blossom Trees.

They were beyond pretty. I am not certain if I had seen cherry blossom trees in bloom before but they are all a gift from Japan to the US over many years. Very cool gift if you ask me!

Back yard of White House. Because I watch the HGTV White House Christmas special every single year (!) I can tell you that this is where the White House Christmas tree is rolled up in that wagon thing and all of the decorations are loaded in. Goal: go to a State Dinner at the WH someday. Hey – I like big dreams!

Perhaps not the very best pic – but on the front lawn of the White House there was this gorgeous flowering tree right by the fence. I loooooved it.

The Spencers ‘visit’ the White House!

Our cupcake choices from Georgetown Cupcakes! The show is called DC Cupcakes but the actual store is Georgetown Cupcakes – I agree: confusing. Aren’t they pretty! They were good. AND THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN after the hour wait in line just to get into the shop and order! For real! But a DC pro who goes every Sunday after Mass for her weekly order of two cupcakes got in line right behind us and after about twenty minutes of talking – she shared with us the insider tip if you are a facebook fan of Georgetown Cupcakes. Each day they make a secret cupcake flavor and post it on their FB Wall. If you get the flavor from there – the first 100 people to order it get one free! The super secret flavor was the S’Mores one above. We felt so legit ordering it – I was tempted to whisper my order. 🙂

The promised land after our hour wait in line!!!!!! Fun experience but we still heart Crumbs the most.

Fun weekend with my favorite adventurer! Hope you all had great weekends…I would love to hear about them. Here’s to an excellent week!

Love y’all,

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE DC. This post made me so jealous 🙂

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