Howdy Ho Ranger Joe. That’s always been one of my favorite things to say. 🙂 Just wanted to say – it’s been one of those weeks! I had every intention of updating the blog with a weekend update from our very fun Washington DC adventure, notes on something that I made for dinner, and hopefully – a witty or comic post on something ridiculous that happened in my everday life. Blah. Just. Not. Going. To. Happen! Let’s just say this – a weekend of arduous walking all over a city wears a girl out. Especially when the girl has a baby growing inside of her! I just feel like I can’t catch up energy-wise! PLUS – this weekend is the culmination of a class I have been in that entails a lot of homework and every night this week I have been scratching away at that homework before our big finale on Saturday.

So – don’t give up on me precious readers! I shall come back in force next week! Or at least I have faith that I will lol. I cannot believe it, but next week will mark 24 weeks of baby boy! Plus, by then the Washington DC update and pictures will be long overdue. And I am hoping to share a recipe I made this week that is perhaps one of my very favorite things that I have made. Ever. Here’s hoping and I hope you have a great rest of the weekend and a glorious weekend!

Love y’all,