Weekend Movie Review

This will be random and brief! Over the weekend we ended up renting AND WATCHING three movies from RedBox. Not our norm by any means but it just kinda ended up that way.

On Friday night, Zion watched a few while I made birthday cake for my mom and Saturday night, I watched one late.

We saw Despicable Me, The Fighter, and Morning Glory. I would recommend all three!

Despicable Me – absolutely loved it! I had no idea what the plot was and admittedly – I was listening from the other room. But the story line was super engaging and the characters were so fun! It was fun to hear Steve Carell in such a different character than his usual. Rent it!

The Fighter – I do recommend it. However – it’s not our style of movie. It’s a little dark and has a load of language. I mean, when you compare it to The King’s Speech – I am not quite sure how it got included in the same category for best picture this year for the Oscars. But still – it was good and definitely an interesting story.

Morning Glory – this chick flick got such horrible reviews. But I loved it!!!! I thought it was a great story with quirky/fun characters. I just love Rachel McAdams. And it was great to see Harrison Ford back. So I am sure there are plenty of haters out there for the movie given the reviews. But I think it’s well worth your time.

It will likely be months before I have another movie review so this will have to do! LOL. We are heading off for a little weekend adventure and I am pretty excited about it. Check back Monday or Tuesday for an update and pics!

Love y’all,


  1. So glad to hear that you loved Morning Glory! I heart Rachel McAdams as well, so I've been wanting to see it but I was hesitant due to the reviews. Thanks to you, I'm definitely going to rent it now! 🙂

  2. We were just talking about Morning Glory tonight. I'm definitely putting it on my list!

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