First Belly Pic – 18.5 weeks

I have gotten a few inquiries for belly pics and so I have obliged! LOL. I think I am going to keep most of my belly/baby pics here on the blog for at least the pregnancy instead of facebook. When that precious boy gets here I am sure he’ll get some facebook picture coverage though!

I think that I may be certifiably weird – but there is something intimate about belly pics I think. Weird – because there is zero privacy to it in actuality. Anyone who sees you can see the bump. Hello! So for some reason, putting the pics up on the blog feels more private. Like if you truly want to see them – you will come here. Instead of subjecting throngs of people who could care less about them on facebook. Sometimes I kinda wonder about myself as there are obviously many many mommies-to-be who slap those pics up on facebook without giving it a second thought! Maybe next time around I will feel differently LOL.

I took these pics on Sunday and kept forgetting to have Zion do it when we had a moment of downtime at home. So! Forgive the looking down, etc. I was either looking above the camera or below it and finally thought – oh who cares, just take the picture! 🙂

I’ll post another pic or two next week with my big blog I am posting because I’ll be hitting the half-way point next week. 20 weeks!!!!!!!!! Craziness. I actually feel like baby boy has grown in bump size since these pictures were taken a few days ago. Honest confession – I can make it look like a bump only in some shirts. Most shirts – I just look ‘thick.’ Lovely I know. Disciplining this vain mind to enjoy every precious moment regardless of the chubby feelings associated with it!

Thanks for sharing this adventure with us!


  1. Oh my goodness, ABI! I love it. You look beautiful, happy and perfect. I can't wait to see you in person and give baby boy a pat…if you don't mind, of course. Love you three!!

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