So word on the street is that a true blizzard is heading our way tomorrow. I am getting ready to burrow in…that is unless some cruel occurance happens and the skies just dust our grounds with a a thin layer of white. Come on! We all know that you believe it when you see it in Oklahoma!!

However – doesn’t this time feel different? Like you can feel the snow coming?

I actually love snow. I LOVE SNOW! Now – days on in of snow can be a different story and when it gets gray and dirty it’s of course another thing all together.

But what it is about snow? Isn’t there something truly spectacular about waking up to a blanket of thick white on the ground? It’s like you see the quiet. It makes your spirit quiet into stillness. Psalm 46:10 anyone? ‘Be still and KNOW that I am God….’

On the flip side – there is something thrilling about snow! It sends a joy through my heart and makes me want to squeal. And that’s just what I did tonight! LOL. No really – I did.

So tomorrow – I shall upload a picture of the snow that does or does not come. Enjoy the moment to break your routine and experience the refreshment!