The Typing Fingers Have Returned….

If you are reading this post, bless your heart. For real. I can make no guarantees that it will be five minutes worth reading but it does warm my heart to think of you sitting there and grimacing through with me.

I’m not even certain what I will write about today. But something urged me to the point of writing today so here I am, and here you are. Once again, I say with all sincerity, bless your heart.

It’s Good Friday – a truly beautiful day of remembering if you are a Believer. You’d think that I’d have something poignant to say about this weekend we call a holiday but is so much more than that. I wish I did! My heart is moved today.

Although I will say – on an Easter candy note – why, oh why, are Starburst Jelly Beans SO GOOD? My top three Easter candies are those, the malted milk robin’s egg things, and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg. Praises!

There’s so much I wish I could say but the words just won’t flow today. This post is my proverbial – get back up on that horse effort. It’s time to write again and I have simple belief that the words will start to flow if I let the fingers type….but it may take me a few tries.

I wonder how you are today. Are you grabbing a brief moment of solitude while reading in the midst of a harried day? Or has it been a beautiful day of calm? My day has been more on the calm side – if you can believe it! My dearest Mom took Liam for the day so that I could work on cleaning my floors, make homemade lemon bars for a Passover meal at our house tomorrow (what – didn’t you know that lemon bars are a sacred element of Passover???), prepare an Easter basket and wrap a girlie birthday present for my niece who turns one today. It’s so funny what a nice day it’s been even though I’ve been working. Those infrequent days of quiet are true mommy treasures. An opportunity to think a little more clearly, listen a little more intently, and vacillate between worship at IHOP and Pharrell’s Happy. A girl on her own can do these things!

Speaking of Easter baskets…what a thing they have become! I think my apple falls not far from the tree of my mama :). She always did Easter baskets and they were a lot of fun…candy, eggs, and goodies…but most of the gift element had to do with something that would be spiritually encouraging. For us – that meant years and years of Adventures in Odyssey! Caleb and I fell asleep listening to those tapes for years. So now – I just can’t bring myself to go out and buy special toys to fill the Easter basket! This year, it’s a paperback version of The Beginner’s Bible ‘The First Easter’, a kids book version of the story of David and Goliath, and then…some fun sidewalk chalk. And that’s it! LOL. Well…I must correct that. Starburst Jelly Beans and my friend Libby’s amazing cookies will be making an appearance. Seriously – these are the best sugar cookies…hands down. I’d like to think myself some low level of expert in all things sweet – so take my word for it. Wink wink!

I pray wherever you are – that you have the opportunity to consider Jesus today. Maybe you’ve walked with him for years or maybe everyone’s talk of Jesus has become easily disregarded over the years. Either way – just consider considering him today. Consideration can be the beginning of something beautiful.

May your weekend be full of grace and peace. I am going to be reminding myself of those two words as I prepare my home for a Passover celebration tomorrow night….sometimes my ugliest moments occur when getting my house ready to host! Let’s just go ahead and put this down on screen – I’ll be back next Friday with my typing fingers. Thanks for helping me ride again even though the ride was all ramble.

Much love,

PS…Go ahead and find yourself a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg this weekend. When all is said and done, it will be worth it ;).


  1. Yeah, I'm up reading your blog. My sister told me that on the ladies retreat you were a ray of sunshine, so bubbly and smiley and she loved it! My kids loved Adventures in Odyssey as well. One of their fun memories is when we went to Focus on the Family and they got to record all the parts and sound effects in the Odyssey studio! Glad you had such a relaxing day. I too had a fun day with April without kids and we enjoyed grown-up friend time. Those days are nice. And Reese's PBEggs and robin egg malted milk balls….my favorites as well. Good night, Abi!

  2. Oh Abi, I love you 🙂 Thanks for sharing a nugget of YOU with US today! Happy Easter!

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