I think it was sometime last summer (2013). I read a link that Jen Hatmaker posted about the first ever If:Gathering in Austin, Texas. I’m not a conference junkie but my heart pounded out of my chest as I read about it. From that moment, I knew that I had to be in Austin on February 7 & 8.

This was one of the videos I watched that absolutely grabbed my heart (click on the words, ‘the bigger vision’):

If : Gathering – The Bigger Vision from If Gathering on Vimeo.

Did you watch it????? I WISH YOU WERE COMING WITH ME!!!

So the funny thing is that when I first heard of it, I had this vision of caravaning down to Austin with many kindred spirits – together ready to just show up and see what happens. So many friends were interested! I logged on about 35 minutes after registration opened….any I got one of the last spots available. In under one hour, 1,200 women from all over the U.S. scooped up every single spot available. Wow! All of the sudden, I was going and I was going – alone.

All of the sudden I AM going and I am going alone!!! LOL.

But man, a few minutes of hearing Jennie Allen’s heart and I knew that I simply could not miss this. It was as if she was speaking words from my own heart and I barely knew her name. Calling women in this generation to seek the Lord together? Yes. It’s not about one big name but about many? Yes. It’s about a deep conviction that big things are about to happen in the Kingdom with women? Yes.

Most of the names of those in leadership are unfamiliar to me. And I’m going without a compadre but somehow it seems sacred to be going alone. How often am I ever really alone? No diapers in my purse, no checking my phone to see how much longer I have before I need to get back to the big boy and the little boy, no one to think about but myself really. Now that’s just ridiculous!

And get this – I’m staying with my good friend’s sister….who leads a big college ministry at UT. She lives with a handful of girls. And she won’t be there. I am literally going to sleep in Danica’s bed in a house full of girls I don’t even know the names of. Ha! At this point – why not up that ante???

Did you know that if this video grabbed your heart though, you can be a part of the conference FOR FREE from your own computer or phone??? They are streaming the live conference to anyone who would like to join. If you’re in Tulsa, you can join other groups of girls participating in the live stream at both Sanctuary and Believers Church.

So, I’m off today. Off to follow the crazy beat of my heart. Off to gather. Off to say, ‘I’m all in.’

Want to see pics??? I will be documenting my experience and then I’ll be back on Tuesday next week (or maybe before!!) with what happened.

So, sweet reader, may your weekend be restful. May it be stirring. May it be – dare we say? – life changing.

Much love,