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Well this is a different post for me. Let me say first – I may be all wrong in what I am about to share. I consider myself to be a child of God like any other Believer. He speaks to me and leads me as He desires to do with any of His children. But that’s it: I’m a human. So hey – don’t take this as a ‘thus says the Lord.’ Just let whatever is supposed to come of this come.

The past few days – I have had this thing rolling around in my spirit. If that’s not a typical experience for you – it’s just like a thought that keeps recurring in your mind but it is somehow connected to your heart and spirit as well. When I talk about spiritual topics, I like to try to de-mystify things as much as possible. As Christians, sometimes we can’t even hear how weird we sound because the language is so commonplace to us.

But – here is what I have been feeling God say: ‘My Name is Faithful and True. I am Faithful and True.’ Again and again and again. It has felt very personally directed to where some of my thoughts have been over the past few days. But then tonight, I was taking a walk and the thought became so loud that it all of the sudden occurred to me that perhaps someone else needs this tonight. I halted the walk half-way through and headed straight to my computer. Why not just test it out and see?

Let’s dive in.

Faithful and True. Those words are not unique to us. We use the word faith a lot. We talk about faithfulness. Truth and true are everywhere in our cultural landscape of language. They are words and names that could go in one ear and out the other without a hesitation. But picture this with me, Jesus is not just an idea. He isn’t a philosophy and He isn’t just a place we go on Sundays – He’s a man and He’s real. He wants to look both you and me right in the eyes and say “I AM Faithful and True.” Does that make your heart skip a beat??? It does mine.

Faithful and True really came out of nowhere for me. I knew it was a name for God used in the Bible and I had a hunch where it was but couldn’t have told you anything else to be honest. Best just to start digging in cases like that! Here’s where it is:

Revelation 19:11 “Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war.”

Heavy. The part of me that likes to filter things – wants to say so many things right now that would soften that verse up. But tonight, that’s not the right choice.

Here’s what comes to me:

This God, the God that I have said yes to, is not predictable. He is not formulaic. He is not bound by my human rules, logic and patterns that I so desperately try to apply to him. Things happen in my life and in your life that frankly don’t add up in the moment. There’s no way around it – sometimes life hurts more than words can express. Sometimes disappointments blur our vision to the point that it’s hard to even see straight. But, hear this. Your God IS Faithful. Your God IS True.

In fact, when ALL is said and done, when it all comes down and both losses and victories have added up – there will be a God standing tall for you. Tonight, He passionately cares that you know this fact about His character: He is Faithful and True. I’ll type it again: He is Faithful and True. When I say He passionately cares, the sense that I got was almost that He was to the point of frustration and anger over it. Not at you sweet one – but at the enemy who so tenaciously chips away at the truth throughout the fabric of our everyday lives. At the one who continually whispers that you aren’t enough, that your efforts will never add up to a breakthrough, that your future is sad, that you have to keep working yourself into a frenzy so as not to lose it all in one moment, the list goes on. I think your Father who loves you more than you could ever grasp – cares immensely tonight that you hear Him clearly say to you “I am Faithful and True child. I AM. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will hold you with my right hand. I LOVE you and that love drives me to a much fiercer brand of love than you can imagine.”

Did you catch the last part of verse 11? “…and in righteousness he judges and makes war.” This One is no softy. He is not passive. He is not uninterested. No – He is extremely interested. Judgement and war are not comfortable topics, are they? But picture the context of this verse – after the greatest of battles, the most horrendous of challenges, the longest journey (and these words are putting it lightly) – here comes our God – called Faithful and True – on a white horse. Picture that as a movie scene. Move over Lord of the Ring. He may be strong and willing to wage war on the behalf of righteousness – but the personal name He wants you to hear is that He is Faithful and True.

Who knows if I’m right on or more than a little too bold tonight. But what I can say is that my heart is racing and with all that is in me – this feels important.

I’m not even sure how to wrap this up so I’ll just say this: No matter what – KNOW that you are seen. His character may have come into question based on life experiences you’ve had but let your brain and your emotions off the hook of figuring everything out. Tonight, picture yourself leaning on someone who is faithful beyond a doubt and true to his word. He is strong and yet He loves you with a tenderness that compels Him to catch your tears.

Sleep in peace tonight, my friend.


  1. Abi. . . . . . you will never know how much I needed to hear these words tonight.. . . . . I'm so grateful you listened to God's voice and shared. I'm so thankful I "just happened" to see your post on Facebook. Bless you

  2. Thank you!!! This word was definitely meant for me for this very moment. Now I can hardly breathe!

  3. Abi, this is so definitely for me as well as many others. It's been hard going lately with Glenn's health and also our son's health (he has surgery for colon cancer Friday). Thanks for being obedient and writing this post on your blog.

  4. I probably needed this when you wrote it but even more today. Thanks friend.

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