Ahhhhh the first birthday party. I so wanted his party to be special and a wonderful celebration, but simple. I knew that I didn’t want to blow a wad o’cash. But, didn’t want to scrap a few fun details in the mix as well. So – here’s what we got: Liam’s Lion Party.

The choice to have a family-only party was a good one because the house was packed! Mercy!

You know what took me by surprise? The way my heart felt when I woke up on his birthday. All of the sudden I have a new favorite day of the year. There was something almost sacred about it. I wanted to giggle, gallop (it’s true), dance and cry all at once. Am I a crazy mama or what??? I could not wait to get that party started. My heart was bursting with excitement even though I FULLY realized he would never remember a second of the celebration.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story…for the most part lol.

So much fun with family, cake, and lots of love!