There are just times, aren’t there? Times when all you really need is to see an over-the-top chick-flick. Who cares if it’s realistic. Who cares if the acting would win awards. Just give me the romance people.

It’s NBA playoff season in this house. Our beloved Thunder require our due adoration and attention and sleep sacrifices on a weekly basis. Roll Thunder! I can enjoy a great basketball game with the best of them. But there come times when I, all of the sudden, hit my wall and need to immerse myself in the feminine heart anew.

Enter: The Lucky One.

My girl Ashley and I left the boys at home and popped ourselves two bags of pocorn to bring along. Smuggling bags of popcorn and drinks from QT requires the use of one’s big girl ‘movie purse.’ You know what I’m talkin about! Ashley’s purse was on the moderate side of size so we had to do a little last minute emptying to make it all squeeze in without giving ourselves away. Worth. It.

Review: It was cheesy and it was goooood. 🙂 The acting was only okay but the story was simple and sweet and relatively clean. There were a few scenes but they definitely did not dominate the movie.

Recommendation: Leave your man at home or rent it on a night he won’t be trying to enjoy the chick-flick with you. It’s not worth it. If he’s anything like mine, he’ll look over at you during the kissing scenes and give you the eyes that say ‘Oooooooo you love this don’t you.’ Just let me get lost in the moment in privacy if you please! 🙂 Or he’ll quietly grunt during the parts of acting that really are. not. good. So just do yourself a favor and make it a girls-only affair. You’ll love it. And hey – if you’re in the mood to make out a bit afterwards – he probably won’t complain! LOL

This movie was just what I needed! Keep it in your back pocket as a solution for the next time you are in dire need of girly girly girliness.