Parisien Doors

I have loved this post for over a year and a half. I have dreamed of this post since June 2010. We went to Paris in June 2010. My heart still skips a beat at the thought. When I first got to Paris – it had to grow on me. Most new things are like that though. When we left – I was in love.

One of the most beautiful things were the doors. Gorgeous gorgeous doors. They were so stately, feminine, masculine, worn by years of comers and goers.

So – I started taking pictures of the doors that caught my eyes. I can’t decide which is my favorite…but do you have one?

‘Sacre Blue!’

‘Dance Floor’


‘Quick Before They Catch Us!’


‘Lord and Lady Wentworth’

‘Raspberry Cordial’

‘Charcoal Morning’

‘My Fair Lady’ (wrong city I know)

One for me…inspiration to not quit Weight Watchers 🙂

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  1. Lord and Lady Wentworth, for sure! 🙂 Such pretty pics- Europe has it's own flavor, for sure! My trip to Spain had the same effect on me as Paris did on you! 🙂

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