There are two people who have made this whole transition possible for me without losing my mind. And honestly – they just deserve a blog post. They deserve so much more than a blog post!

The first is Mr. Zion Spencer. I just love him. From the beginning of labor – he was right there and never disengaged. I honestly think that’s saying a lot. It was a long day and it was a hard day in many ways. We started at 3:30 am on August 3 getting ready to go to the hospital and finally put our heads down to sleep around 3:00 am on August 4.

Because of the cessarean, my capacities were limited from the very beginning. Let’s just say that nursing was nothing less than a two person job! I couldn’t get out of bed without huge effort so he was up and down getting baby boy with each feeding – changing every single diaper and tracking every feeding and the ‘contents’ of each diaper. From the beginning, Zion oozed love for Liam. And THAT – melted my heart.

When we came home – his help continued. It was really nice that he was able to have time off of work to be with us in that first week. What’s more – he handled my very very raw emotional state like a champion. He saw more crying from me in two weeks time than perhaps the whole of our marriage! Lots of hugs and taking me out for our first post-baby coffee date meant so much to me. It’s so frustrating to feel like your emotions are out of control and receiving so much grace and support from Zion made it a bit easier.

Last night Zion got back from a short work trip. Watching him love on Liam after a few days away was precious.

Check out this pic. One morning I had ventured to the bathroom for a shower and came out to see that they had brough Liam to us while I was showering. Zion was so tired that they had a hard time waking him up. 🙂 So – they got him awake enough and then just put little Liam in his arms. And this is what I came out to: LOVE.

Meet person number two: my momma. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without this woman. She helped me in the hospital but she had no idea what she was in for once we came home!!! LOL. She came each day to help me learn how to take care of Liam. And man alive – what a learning curve it has been. Not only has she offered me her base of experience – she helped me figure out each little hiccup we encountered over the first two weeks of Liam’s life. INCLUDING – answering a call from me at 3am last week when Liam all of the sudden refused to breast feed and was screaming. I was crying, Liam was screaming, and here came Mom driving over to our house at 3:30am in her robe. She wasn’t sure what she would do when she got to us – but she came. We eventually figured out I was dealing with engorgement. She stayed overnight with me for the following two nights until we got it worked out – she would get me hot compresses before each feeding and made me tea to go with it.

She has given me worlds of perspective on what is normal and has kept encouraging me that I was doing great and that Liam is doing great. Sometimes that’s just what you need to hear when it seems like you have zero idea what you are doing and you have no real idea what is normal for a newborn.

I am currently trying to tell myself that I can do this without her for small amounts of time during the day lol. She has given herself to us and I have loved and appreciated it more than I can say.

So many people in our family and friends have offered such great support and I appreciate every meal, encouraging text, and visit. It’s just one of those times in life where the need is huge and every ounce of help means to the world.

I love you Zion and Mom and this one’s for you two!