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Wellllll….here I sit. It’s July 26 and it looks like Mr. Liam would rather wait a bit before making his debut. Today has been a somewhat unexpected roller coaster. I KNOW that only 5% of babies are born on their due date. I know it. But still – I thought that maybe this boy would choose July 26. Now that he hasn’t – it’s kind of cool to think “I have no idea what his actual birthday will be!” Maybe it will be tomorrow. Maybe it will be a week from now!

So what do I do with myself? I get caught up on blogging is what I do. Man alive it’s been a tad too long!

But – I can officially say that Liam’s room is ready to go in terms of details and so why not go take pictures at ten o’clock at night and then do a blog post? It seems only fitting. My mental state is transferring to all of the fun/satisfying things I can do before he comes. Bravo TV as my background music? Check. Cookies made? Check. Eating that hamburger from Webers that I have been thinking about for months? Check. Now I shall see how many things I can think up and then check off the list!

So here is Liam’s room….. I must say that it’s a happy space. I feel peace, joy, and calm when I sit in the glider in his room. I always wanted it to have a baby feel but be an extention of our style instead of overdone baby-land. It is so wonderful to see the bedding we had made be such a fun fit. So happy with that! And I feel so thankful for the great crib on loan from the Nelsons and the dresser/night stand I found on Craig’s List. Also a big shout out to my parents who put in quite a few hours helping me pull the room together while Zion was on a work trip! God is good – He likes the desires of our heart and I kind of think He enjoys Liam’s space too.

So here it is friends!

Love y’all and maybe I’ll just keep this blogging thing up until L’s birthday!


  1. SOOO adorable! Thinking of you & can't wait to see the first "Liam is here!" blog post!

  2. LOVE it! Darling space. Excellent job!

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