…..Some days I wonder if the ‘wonder-wife’ thing will ever really kick in for me. Now hear me out. Granted – I am in the third trimester of carrying a baby boy but I don’t remember being oh so different from this before pregnancy. It’s like I get done working and I just want to stay glued to the couch.

I hear all the time – rest all you can while you can before Liam comes. And I do get that concept. Frankly – I think that I have the resting thing down for the most part! LOL. But seriously – I want to be a woman of excellence! Not just one who does a few things well and lot of things passably. Yes – that Proverbs 31 woman thing is in the back of my mind. But don’t you feel the same way from time to time?

It has always been a good concept for me to take things one step at a time. So for tonight – I will head to the kitchen and unload the dishwasher and perhaps keep a few loads of laundry going. It’s a little step and I think it’s something. 🙂

Hope you’ve had a good day. My day has been good but I am about to add a shot of at-home-productivity to it so that we can end on a strong note. And who the heck knows – I may go crazy and take a little walk before going to bed. CRAZINESS!!!! 🙂

Love y’all and keeping it real,