2011 Oscars

Wellll….even I was bored! I honestly had high hopes for Anne Hathaway and James Franco. But – Anne seemed so cheesy and did he even show up? If I had made the call on hiring him – I would be pretty mad and strongly consider asking for my money back. 🙂 There were some fun moments and I was thrilled that King’s Speech did well but otherwise it felt looooooong.

And yes – I DID miss E!’s coverage of the red carpet. Man oh man I missed it. I watched the ABC red carpet show and the only great thing about was that they got some cool behind-the-scenes access because they were the network airing the actual show.

But let’s talk dresses. Overall – still wasn’t my favorite year. BUT – here are my favorites and a few thoughts:

Top Pick goes to Mila Kunis! I must really love the purple dress thing. Oddly – I thought it actually looked a lot better on my tv than it did in the pics. In the pictures – the difference between her skine tone and dress color isn’t as strong. I loved the way the dress fit her and the color on her was beautiful.

Next up is Jennifer Hudson. ‘Work it girl’ is the most appropriate thing to say I think! She looked so glamorous and who would have guessed she was a normal girl just like us a few years ago???

Halle Berry looked unbelievably great. If I could have any other skin tone – I’d choose her’s. Ohhhh that caramel skin and the way the dress sparkles against it!

Also loved Gwyneth this year! I could have used a bit more color make-up wise, but I loved the masculine edge to this dress.

NOW – oddly, I did not care for Amy Adam’s dress at all on tv! I mean, it did nothing for me. But then I saw the pictures of it and felt like it deserved mention (on this widely widely read blog by all ten of us lol!). In the pictures – you can see how well the dress fits her. But still, I thought that the necklace on top of the heavy sparkle was too much.

And finally….in the weird but cool category I loved Cate Blanchett this year! Sometimes her choices are just toooooo cool for me lol. But wow – I thought that this was just a darn cool dress and I loved the pop of yellow at the very top. I kept saying – ‘that’s just cool!’ I am obviously so well versed in fashion that ‘cool’ does the trick for me. 🙂

Well, this will likely be my last post on fashion until about this time next year. Until then, I’ll be enjoying this experience called pregnancy and the new-found freedom to eat sweets with just a tad more liberty than before!


  1. If I worked at E! I would hire you in an instant to work along Giuliana and Ryan. Love the post and love you!

  2. I think we have to give Reese honorable mention… She didn't have one hair out of place and the fabulous earrings made me drool…:) I also liked Gwynth, but why did she not fix her hair and why did she pick such bizarre jewelry? She could have REALLY rocked that awesome dress. I loved Amy Adams—seemed risky-but perfect.

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