I believe I am one of very few people who love watching awards shows. I love the WHOLE EXPERIENCE though! We recently paired back our cable options so I won’t have access to the E! red carpet countdown but the red carpet arrivals are probably my very favorite part. This year – I will need a new red carpet coverage option – maybe TV Guide?

I love beautiful things. I just do! I know that Hollywood is full of corruption and yuckity yuck yuck yuck but I cannot help that I am still drawn to the most feminine of visual experiences – all of those dresses and jewelry! 🙂 I typically don’t watch the shows in their entirety (who really cares about best oscar for make up artistry?) but I do watch most of them. And that’s where I’ll be this Sunday evening (sorry church friends!! it’s a yearly date sort of thing)

I think Gan got me started on the Oscars. She loved watching them too and was a long-time Vogue subscriber – just to look at the pretty things. Gan was my grandma and quite the gal. When I was little, I would sketch dress designs all the time and I have a secret (not so much now I guess!) dream of working with top designers to create beautiful dresses to this day! So – let me share with you a few favorites from the 2010 Oscars. I will make every effort to get back to ya on Monday or Tuesday with my faves from 2011. FUN!

Zoe Saldana – my top pick from last year:

I thought Cameron looked so gorgeous!

I am not Angelina’s biggest fan but hello! Those earrings make me salivate:

And I am really really not a big Miley fan (someone help her quick!) but I thought she looked so pretty:

Mmmmmmm….can’t wait to see what this year holds! Happy Friday all!