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There are so many stereotypes associated with pregnancy….a lot of which are not so accurate for every woman. At least that’s been my experience so far! I was actually looking forward to crazy cravings. LOL. At 15.5 weeks I can report that I have had no dominant cravings….but I can also report that I am thoroughly enjoying food! I find myself thinking about food – a lot. The second trimester has brought a renewed willingness for cooking projects.

So here’s what is on the horizon for cooking in the upcoming days. I am trying to decide between two different dishes for next week. Zion is going to be traveling through Thursday night so I want to cook once on Sunday and eat off of it for at least two nights… maybe three! At this point – the battle is raging between New Orleans red beans and rice and Giada’s chicken cacciatore. Either will be high in protein and both with be super tasty. Thoughts?

When Zion gets home next weekend the plan is to do a lemon roasted chicken and a wild mushroom/asparagus risotto. I LOVE risotto but I have never made it! When we have gotten to do a little traveling – the risotto dishes have always lured me in – both in Florence and in Paris. So, it’s high time that I try my hand at a risotto. Do you have any tempting risotto dishes??

So – these days I am loving food. And I revel in it! Trying to keep it all in balance but also enjoying these limited days of needing more food than normal.

Closing thought: While working on my laptop today, I had the Barefoot Contessa on. She has given me some really great recipe wins over time. Let’s just say this – she made something called ‘brownie pudding.’ It was kind of like a baked fudge – crusty baked outer shell and warm gooey pudding-ish inside. My mouth is watering just typing the words. 🙂

Okay – so help me. Red beans and rice or chicken cacciatore? Risotto recips anyone?


  1. I watched that same recipe on Barefoot Contessa yesterday! Have you watch French Food at Home on the Cooking Channel? It is Amazing! I want to try and make a butternut squash risotto, but have not attempted it yet. I have eaten one elsewhere and it was soooo good!

  2. Amy! Hi!!! I haven't watched it! We cut back on our cable plan and I don't get the cooking channel any more…bummer. That sounds so good though. And the whole concept of French food at home sounds like a winner to me too.

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